Bonus Material

Written by Uninvented

It's a good idea to complete the second set of Bagas' Guild's Quests. The Quests should be done before post-game content is played. You'll be glad you did!

Here  are a few tips for completing the second set of Quests from Bagas' Guild:

--#40, Knight's Soul: Underground Path, 1F, West Room. (There is a vid in the Walkthrough if you need it.)

--Monster Bird: Iatt Path, West. North from second screen, right of waterfall at top of screen.

--Three Dragons of Legend:

Crimson Dragon- Elda Tower, 5F. Drops Red Dragongem

Azure Dragon- Leviathan Cave, last screen. Drops Blue Dragongem

Gold Dragon- Forest of Trials, east side, all the way NE, across narrow chasm. Drops Yellow Dragongem

(The Dragongems are needed to get the final Reinforcement done to the strongest weapons: Temistack, Basilis Lance, Transcendent Hammer.)