Ancient Labyrinth

Written by Uninvented

I intentionally chose to offer up the Ancient Dungeons before venturing into the last dungeons of the game. Within the Ancient Dungeons, your party will grind for immense strength and wonderful treasures. You will need to purchase the Ancient Key to enter the Ancient Labyrinth and the Ancient Underground Path.

The Ancient Key costs 150 CAP in the IAP Store. The store is located in Kiribay and Gozless.  You should have that amount (by converting to CA Points) or you should be close to it. So a little bit of killing enemies will get you there.

The Ancient Key unlocks both dungeons. Once you own the key, you can enter the dungeons as many times as you want without further cost of any kind. The 150 CAP more than pays for itself. Within the dungeons you will find, at a minimum, two Book of Discipline and a Document of Attainment. Those alone cost a total of 200 CAP to purchase.

A good feature about the dungeons is that they progressively get harder as you go deeper into them.

If you come to a point in the Ancient Underground Path where enemies are OP, then you can grind at lower floors until you're able to make it through the dungeon to the end.

There is a boss who gives a lot of XP, and it guards Treasures. The boss and the Treasures respawn so you may keep collecting them to increase your team's powers.

The Ancient Labyrinth has many puzzles to solve and there are NO enemies. It's all about being cerebral & showing mental strength here. (Whereas, the Ancient Underground Path has many Mining areas and loads of progressively stronger enemies on each floor. Excellent idea if you have a lot of catching up to do with Reinforcements. All the hard-to-find and higher-end mats can be found in the Ancient Underground Path.)

The Ancient Labyrinth is simple to navigate through, so screenshots and dungeon maps aren't necessary.

However, this place is loaded with puzzles, and some of them are mind-boggling. The puzzles have solutions, and you will find them here. Our very own "1OldTymer" has video solutions for B4F, B6F, and B8F - the most ridiculously hardest puzzles in the entire game. Every other puzzle in the game pales in comparison to those three. @1oldtymer solved the puzzles.  Shout out to you, OldTymer.  Thanks so much for always helping in the toughest of situations.

OldTymers vids in the Forum:

Each Floor has its own Treasures (T) and Mining (M) listed for them. That will make it easy to know where to go during return trips. You may not have any desire or need to make return trips to the Labyrinth, but you most certainly are more likely to return to the Ancient Underground Pathway.

Even if puzzles are not your thing, at least read the

Last Three Words

on this page.

B1F, Puzzle Solution

T: Revival Potion

M: Blunted Claw

B2F, Puzzle Solution

B3F, Puzzle Solution

T: Deluxe Herbal Potion

M: Small Horn, Steel Fragment

B4F, (featuring 1OldTymer's Puzzle Solution)

T: Fruit of Power

B5F, Puzzle Solution

T: Fruit of Strength

M: Large Horn

B6F, (featuring 1OldTymer's Puzzle Solution)

T: Fruit of Speed

M: Light Fur, Strong Fang

B7F, Puzzle Solution

T: Fruit of Intelligence

M: Fluffy Fur

B8F, (featuring 1OldTymer's Puzzle Solution)

T: Fruit of Spirit

M: Vivid Feather, Cursed Snakeskin

B9F, Puzzle Solution

B10F, Puzzle Solution

T: Fruit of Luck, Book of Discipline