Ancient Underground Path

Written by Uninvented

This bonus area is longer and "tougher" than the Ancient Labyrinth. You may not find the Ancient Labyrinth worth going through more than once. On the other hand, the Ancient Underground Path is definitely worth going through multiple times.

There are 15 floors that become progressively challenging. The last floor has a Boss and Treasures that all respawn. You just gotta trek through the dungeon each time from the beginning to reach the Boss Room.

There aren't near as many treasures in this dungeon as the Labyrinth dungeon. This dungeon is mostly created for farming mats. The enemies drop more than what they normally do during the game. There are Mining spots everywhere!

Starting at B10F, a lot more of high-grade Reinforcing mats are obtained. Mats such as Alloy, Cursed Snakeskin, Transparent Scale, Black Scale of Wrath, and Pearl Crystal, are more plentiful here.

You will also find two Book of Discipline and a Document of Attainment. Word on the street is the Boss will drop a Document of Attainment on rare occasions.

The majority of Treasures are "Fruits."  There are only a handful of puzzles. The dungeon has 15 floors. A big Boss awaits you on the final floor.

A few of the possibly difficult challenges have screenshots or vids.

B2F, Puzzle Solution

B5F, Puzzle Solution

B8F, Puzzle Solution


Western Island

Book of Discipline


Book of Discipline


Killing Two Birds with One ... Pot

When the "bird" steps on the Switchpad, the spikes will lower into the floor.

Grab the pot and set it on the next Switchpad.

Another "bird" will appear. Grab the pot again.

Go through the door (with the pot) when the 2nd bird steps on the Switchpad.

Place the pot on the 3rd Switchpad to lower the spikes into the floor so you can leave the room.


Boss Room: Ancient Evil Dragon

The treasure guardian/dungeon boss requires a lot of damage since he has considerably high HP. He doesn't seem to do much damage. (My team had really high armor reinforcements, so that has to be taken into consideration.) In return, he gives a whopping 90K in XP points!

The six treasures he's guarding are not what you think they may be. Six treasures that are BLUE when all other treasures were red up until now. Maybe something really amazing? Two treasures for each party member?

Nope. Not at all. A different kind of "Fruit" is in each Treasure chest. No matter, take the battle spoils as a token. The real prize was the XP you earned from slaying the Ancient Evil Dragon.