Enemy List

Written by 1oldtymer

Enemy with * is post-game only

1 Pancho Around Kiriby Herbal Potion
2 Wanli
  • Around Kiriby
  • Chronus Shrine 1F
Blunted Claw
3 Killer Bird Around Kiriby Soft Feather
4 Black Pancho Chronus Shrine 1F Herbal Potion
5 Lizard Rastora Forest Soft Leather
6 Messiaen Rastora Forest Sharp Talon
7 Leaf Bird Rastora Forest Green Feather
8 Choco Pancho Around Sein Herbal Potion
9 Basilisk Around Sein Beautiful Leather
10 Killer Dog Around Sein Fur
11 Brutal Messiaen Deserted Cabin Rastora Forest Sharp Talon
12 Bad Pancho Elda Tower 2F None
13 Wolf Elda Tower 2F Fur
14 High Lizard Elda Tower 2F Soft Leather
15 Rattlesnake Sidesia Cave Serpent's Scale
16 Tower Watchman Elda Tower 5F Spirit Ring
17 Geppel ? None
18 Mage Sidesia Cave None
19 Draco Sidesia Cave Dragon's Scale
20 Gozless Soldier Sidesia Cave None
21 Red Devil Pancho Gozless Path Small Horn
22 Blue Devil Pancho Gozless Path Small Horn
23 Papancho Around Gozless Superior Herbal Potion
24 Ghost Gozless Path Holy Water
25 Necromancer Around Gozless None
26 Red Devil Pancho Boss Gozless Path Large Horn
27 Blue Devil Pancho Boss Gozless Path Large Horn
28 Milka Castle Gozless Cough Sweet
29 High Wolf Leviathan Cave Beautiful Fur
30 Blue Draco Leviathan Cave Dragon's Fang
31 Mad Naga Leviathan Cave Serpent's Fang
32 Black Papancho Milka's Villa Superior Herbal Potion
33 Zars Leviathan Cave Fruit of Power
34 Cleric Soldier Milka's Villa None
35 Scout Soldier Milka's Villa None
36 Geppel Milka's Villa Book of Discipline
37 Milka Milka's Villa Cough Sweet
38 Giant Sea-Serpent Leviathan Cave None
39 Bad Papancho Around East Gozless None
40 Mad Lizard Around East Gozless Tough Leather
41 Laghost Iatt Path None
42 Firebird Iatt Path Sharp Beak
43 Icebird Iatt Path Blue Feather
44 Choco Papancho Around Iatt Strong Herbal Potion
45 Rap Around Iatt None
46 Wizard Around Iatt None
47 Monster Bird Gilmoth Iatt Path Fruit of Speed
48 Milka Milka's Villa None
49 Jonbi Milka's Villa Cureall
50 Berry Ghost Around Iatt None
51 Radoradon Around Iatt Beautiful Scale
52 Dark Wizard Forest of Trials None
53 Red Devil Papancho Forest of Trials Large Horn
54 Blue Devil Papancho Forest of Trials Large Horn
55 Arch Mage Forest of Trials Cureall
56 Hellhound Forest of Trials Deluxe Fur
57 Monster Bird Golteth Iatt Path Book of Discipline
58 Red Devil Papancho Boss Forest of Trials Large Horn
59 Blue Devil Papancho Boss Forest of Trials Large Horn
60 Kaiser Draco Dragon's Jaws Strong Fang
61 Cerberus Dragon's Jaws Stone Fang
62 Draco Thunder Dragon's Jaws Infant Dragon Hide
63 Killer Wolf Around Bagas Fluffy Fur
64 Thunderbird Around Bagas Yellow Feather
65 Big Face Around Bagas Mischievous Fang
66 Knight's Soul Underground Path Alloy
67 Dark Paladin Around Kazoo None
68 Bishop Around Kazoo None
69 Hell Wolf Kazoo Tower Mischievous Fang
70 Raspberry Ghost Kazoo Tower None
71 Death Warlock Kazoo Tower None
72 Rap Master Kazoo Tower None
73 Tower Guard-dragon Kazoo Tower Dragon's Fang
74 Monster Bird Giberra Iatt Path Yellow Feather
75 Crimson Dragon Elda Tower Red Dragongem
76 Azure Dragon Leviathan Cave Blue Dragongem
77 Gold Dragon Forest of Trials Yellow Dragongem
78 Geppel Chronus Shrine B1F Ralpuris Technique
79 White Killer Galbure's Island Transparent Scale
80 Death Knight Galbure's Island Steel
81 Paradise Bird Galbure's Island Vivid Feather
82 Enigmatic Character Underground Path 1F Light Fur
83 Death Serpent Underground Path 1F Cursed Snakeskin
84 Darkness Draco Underground Path 1F Black Scale of Wrath
85 Black Knight Underground Path 1F None
86 Zars Underground Path B1F Father's Plume
87 White Draco Galbure's Tower White Scale of Wrath
88 Dead Emperor Galbure's Tower 3F None
89 Nightmare Galbure's Tower 2F None
90 Teth Galbure's Tower B6F None
91 Galbure Galbure's Tower B6F Deluxe Herbal Potion
92 *Milka Castle Gozless Pearl Crystal
92 *Milka Transformed Castle Gozless Document of Attainment