Kurius Locations

Written by Uninvented

Boost Manuals do not need to be activated, highlighted, etc. The use of them is automatic.

When Forging or Reinforcing equipment you own a Boost Manual for, they will show up when you visit with the Blacksmith, but only the gear that can be currently upgraded will show.

I will typically refer to items as being Reinforced and not Forged.

Forging items is something we most likely won't do, or we'll do little of it.

When Kurius gives us a Boost Manual for an Accessory, then we will need to Forge them if we want to use them. The only other time we will Forge is if we decide to use a different tree for Reinforcing our weps and armor. Because then, we'll have to start over from a base weapon unless you choose to Dismantle a piece of equipment.

I did not Dismantle any equipment, so I don't know how the process works. Does the Blacksmith Dismantle to the Base piece of equipment? Does he Dismantle to the previous upgrade? Do you get any mats back? When mats are returned from Dismantling, is it all, some, or sometimes none? I have no idea! But if you want to experiment and re-load after you figure it out, please let us know.

Like Justice Chronicles, there are only a couple of pieces of base equipment we will Forge to produce stronger pieces of equipment through the trees we choose to use for upgrades. Starting off, and for a little ways through the game, we will only have one weapon and one piece of armor for each character. There will also be a number of Accessories as well.

All of the eligible items that you own Boost Manuals for will show up on Home Screen:Collections:Boost Manuals.

If you'd like to see which Boost Manuals you possess while in the game, and what the tree is for each piece of weapon and armor, check Menu:Boost Manuals.

There is a tree for Reinforcing that produces the strongest weapons and armor in the game. Those trees and mats will be listed under a different heading.

These are the 17 Locations to find Kurius and the 113 Boost Manuals he gives:

(1) Kiribay, standing inside the Blacksmith Shop when you arrive with Sarna):
--Short Sword
--Idol Hammer
--Leather Vest
--Idol Cloak
--Strength Ring
--Intelligence Ring
--Spirit Ring
--Ring of Power

(2) Rastora Forest
--Long Spear
--Power Hammer
--Leather Armor
--Guard Vest
--Pretty Cloak
--Goddess Amulet
--Wind God Amulet

(3) Sein, in front of Tavern:
--Long Sword
--Cutie Hammer
--Wind Ring
--Stamina Ring
--Magic Ring
--Fortune Ring

(4) Elda Tower, 2F
--Chain Mail
--Reinforce Dress
--Frilly Robe

(5) Sidesia Cave, 1st Large Room, upstairs:
--Flame Sword
--Flame Lance
--Heat Hammer
--Flame Guard
--Heat Vest
--Heat Cloak

(6) Gozless Path, Right Screen, keep going North:
--Thunder Sword
--Thunder Lance
--Thunder Hammer
--Thunder Guard
--Energy Vest
--Energy Cloak

(7) Gozless, standing next to Blacksmith Shop:
--Great Sword
--Power Lance
--Magical Hammer
--Flame Ring
--Ice Ring
--Thunder Ring
--Holy Ring
--Poison Break
--Paralysis Break
--Silence Break

(8) Milka's Villa, Room immediately north of Main Entrance:
--Plate Mail
--Steel Dress
--Gothic Robe

(9) Leviathan Cave, NE room from Main Entrance Room:
--Ice Sword
--Ice Lance
--Frozen Hammer
--Ice Guard
--Frozen Vest
--Frozen Cloak

(10) Iatt Path, West, 2nd North Exit
--Blazing Armor
--Ice Storm Armor
--Thundercloud Armor
--Flame Dress
--Ice Dress
--Thunder Dress
--Flame Cloak
--Ice Cloak
--Thunder Cloak

(11) Iatt, Shrine, far left room:
--Flame Spear
--Ice Spear
--Thunder Spear
--Flame Breaker
--Ice Breaker
--Energy Breaker

(12) Forest of Trials, West Side, NE screen then East:
--Steel Armor
--Mithril Armor
--Protection Dress
--Providence Dress
--Battle Dress
--Magic Robe
--Liveliness Ring
--Black-edged Glasses
--Ion Ring
--Crimson Ring
--Crystal Ring
--Lightning Ring

(13) Dragon's Jaws, 2nd Screen Southbound, and 2nd Western Screen:
--Warrior Armor
--Ironwall Dress
--Transcendent Dress

(14) Bagas, right side of Kuril's "island home":
--Holy Lance
--Basilis Lance
--Rejuvenator Hammer
--Transcendent Hammer
--Storm Ring
--Life Ring
--Mage's Ring
--Four-leaf Ring
--Magic-breaker Ring
--Endurance Ring

(15) Kazoo Tower, NE doorway:
--Ninja Outfit
--Imp Dress

(16) Underground Path, West, then NE Room (big room with lots of enemies and stalagmites):
--Providence Armor
--Magic-breaker Dress
--Maid Dress

(17) Galbure's Tower, 1F
--Gold Armor
--Goddess Dress
--Transcendent Robe