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These are just some points we should remember as we play Chronus Arc.


Occasionally collect on the "bounty hunting" you do. Stop in either of the IAP stores that are located in Kiribay and Gozless. When you speak to the IAP shopkeeper, select "Convert to CA Points." The number of enemies you kill will be converted to CAP, which is in-app currency.

During the game, you'll need to purchase five Book of Discipline. You may want to buy other things from the IAP store, too. There may not be any purchase that is necessary, but you most likely will want the five Book of Discipline to make the game's progression easier and more fun.

Using the Ring

The "Ring" you have from Master Teth can be helpful in a pinch. Aim it at enemies to temporarily stop them so you can sneak past them. This maneuver may come in handy if you're low on life or potions, or if the enemies in the area are too OP for you, and you're running for your life.

Also, the Ring will break round boulders that obstruct your path, and it will eventually allow you to jump wider and wider chasms.

The Ring will be reinforced three times.

Who Increases the Ring's Capabilities and When

First capability increase is done by Kuril at the end of Gozless Path (in order to jump chasms).

The next capability increase is done by Cordea (to jump wider chasms) after bringing him the Golden Flowers from the Forest of Trials.

The last increase is done by Geppel for Sarna and Kuril, in Chronus Shrine (to open the Gates of Time).

Use Holy Water Liberally

You have the option to purchase Holy Water to help replenish MP.  Replenishing MP may prove to be the most useful of anything else you do with items!

Keep plenty of Holy Water potions in your possession.

When you arrive in Gozless, you will be able to purchase Superior Holy WaterIt is not worth it! Keep a couple for emergencies in battle, but that's it.

Superior Holy Water is not economically feasible when compared to Holy Water. So stick with lots of Holy Water.

You can always replenish MP in between battles with as many vials of Holy Water as you need. You will have little-to-no need for larger potions of Holy Water until later in the game when you're able to purchase potions that completely restore your MP.

Go To Your Room!

Take all the free naps you desire in your bedroom in Kiribay to completely replenish the party's HP & MP.  Inns only cost 10G anywhere in the world.

Staying at an Inn may not be a price issue at that cost, but early in the game it could be. You will need all your Gold for equipment Reinforcements. Warp to Kiribay to sleep for free if you're saving up Gold.

Reinforce Your Gear

Reinforce the party's equipment regularly and starting as early as possible. Pay attention to it and keep it in the front of your mind.

Each char only has a handful of weps and armor available to them throughout the game.  That is what makes Reinforcements a critical part of this game. You need that Strength.

The enemies get exponentially harder when you move to new areas. The bosses are ... bosses. They are no joke!

Reinforce.  Reinforce.  Reinforce.

It is also advised that you Reinforce your party's equipment as high as it will go, according to the availability of local resources, before moving on to a new area.

For example, if you are in Kiribay, complete as many Reinforcements as able from all the mats you have available around the city of Kiribay (from slaying random encounters on the World Map) and in Chronus Shrine.

When you notice you need mats that are only available in Rastora Forest and Elda Tower in order to Reinforce equipment any higher, then it's time to leave the area of Kiribay and move to bigger enemies in new areas.

Doing things this way will keep you proportionately strong to the enemies you are about to face in new areas, and it will keep you from doing a lot of backtracking to gather mats for Reinforcements. Do not fall behind in Reinforcing equipment.

Guild Quests

Stay current with Quests from the Guilds. Make sure you have them, and you do all of them.

For some Quests to appear, you need to return to the Guild to have a new set of Quests issued.

Some Quests are repeatable. The repeatable Quests will help you gain hard-to-find materials for Reinforcements.

Be VERY careful when reporting completed Quests to the Guild.

When you complete Quests for materials, the Guild will take the materials. If the materials are more valuable and needed for Reinforcements than the rewards are, then hold off reporting the Quests as completed.

Using the Hourglass

While the Hourglass feature is helpful, choose carefully when to use it.

When working on lengthy and difficult puzzles, you should "save" your progress.

One little mistake of pushing a block one tile too far means you have to restart the puzzle from the beginning. The Hourglass does just that - it starts you from the beginning of the puzzle.

If you periodically save a puzzle's progress, you can reload the game to pick up from your last save instead of restarting a challenging puzzle from the very beginning if you make a mistake.

Equip Those Techniques

Techniques increase the effects of Magic. Make sure you equip them when you gain them.

To Equip them, go to Menu:Equipment, and choose the party member you want equipped with the Technique.

It isn't very obvious, but if you look to the right of the Equipment screen under where "Techniques" is written, you'll be able to see the nearly-invisible slots of where to include the Techniques.

Hover your cursor in that area and you'll see where to Point & Click to add Techniques.

The Techniques:

- Increases Magic Power
- Increases Times Magic Occurs (which will add a repeat of an attack either 1, 2, or 3 times, depending on quality of the Technique that is equipped)
- Increases Duration of Magic
G - Broadens the Scope of Magic (changes single action to AOE)
- Decreases MP Used While Casting Spells

Technique Names will start with the corresponding letter of the type of Technique. For example, Quon is a "Q" Technique, "Ream" is an "R" Technique, and Puris is a "P" Technique.

Use Ream Techniques with Geon Techniques. In areas with fire-based enemies, equip Ream and Geon to Sarna so she can use AOE ice skills on mobs. In areas with ice or water-based enemies, equip Kuril with Ream and Geon Techniques so her fire magic can be used for AOE attacks.

Techniques apply to MAGIC spells only. Techniques do not apply to SPECIAL SKILLS even if the Special Skill is a magic-type of attack.

When a Technique causes Magic to be used as an AOE spell, the spell will still only consume the original amount of MP applied to the Magic spell. The AOE spell will not consume more MP if the Magic has become an AOE spell because of an applied Geon Technique.

However, if a Quon Technique is used, which increases the number of times a Magic spell is used, then the appropriate amount of MP is consumed each time the Magic is repeated.

Don't be shy about Quon Techniques. They are awesome! Just make sure you keep a lot of Holy Water handy. As your chars reach higher levels and gain steeper MP, you won't even think about the MP Quon Techniques use.

Don't Forget to Save Often

Save the game during difficult puzzles, save before Boss fights, and save before performing Reinforcements. You have three save slots. You'll be able to put them to good use.

Improving Your Stats

STR, PWR, SPD, INT, SPT, and LCK primarily increase during leveling up.

ATK & DEF primarily increase through Reinforcements, and MATK & MDEF primarily increase with use of Techniques.

This is not the case 100% of the time, of course, since leveling up and Class changes can improve any and all stats.

However, you will notice the significant improvement in certain stats as mentioned, according to what system is being applied: leveling, reinforcing, or equipping Techniques.

Reminder (in case you forget)

The Gates of Time are in Chronus Shrine.

Negative effects

Paralysis resolves after a battle. Poison does not.


There are several Mining areas in the game that yield mats that are needed in large quantities, or the mats are more difficult to obtain any other way.

These are the Mining locations you will find very helpful and worthy of frequent visits:

Class Change

The Priest in Iatt Shrine does not call Class changes the same name we do.

Classes by character:


Spell Soldier = Warrior
Wizard = Sorcerer
Pious Mage = Cleric
Wandering Mage = Assistant


Amazoness = Warrior
Artemis = Sorcerer
Paladin = Cleric
Scout = Assistant


Superstrong Girl = Warrior
Witch Girl = Sorcerer
Rejuvenator = Cleric
Eccentric Girl = Assistant

Attainment classes teach Special Skills.

Loka becomes a Grand Sorcerer Knight. (Which, btw, is equivalent to Rastora and Galbure and higher than Teth!) At Level 15, Loka learns "Great Dragon Fang," and at Level 28, he learns "Dragon Shadow."

Sarna becomes a Valkyrie. At Level 8, she learns "Noble Citron," and at Level 26, she learns "Cold Rosette."

Kuril's Attainment is Great Witch Girl. At Level 39, she gains the skill "Million Hit."

Bonus (IAP) Dungeons

Ancient Labyrinth is for puzzle lovers. Ancient Underground Path is for Mining. That's not totally true, because there are some excellent finds in the Ancient areas, like some Book of Discipline and Document of Attainment.