Techniques Defined

Written by Uninvented

Techniques apply to any and all attack/buff/debuff/heal spells.

Go to to Menu:Skills:Magic to find where Techniques are applied.

Any spell listed under "Magic" is affected by Techniques when they are invoked. Nothing under "Special Skills" is affected by Techniques; not even magic-based spells such as thunder, heal, fire, etc.

Techniques have three degrees of strength.

The first degree will begin with the same letter as the type of Technique. It is the weakest of the Technique.

The second degree begins with "Ra."

The third degree begins with "Ral." It is the strongest of the Technique.

All Magic spells and all degrees are affected by the application of appropriate Techniques.

For example, you may apply R and T Techniques to Sarna.  That's not a bad idea since those Techniques could prove very useful against a boss. R and T Techniques will allow for more powerful attacks with Ice and for stronger heal spells for the team.

However, assume you need to use "High Resurrect" for that same boss battle. Now you have a problem.

"High Resurrect" is only supported by P and G Techniques. What if both Kuril and Loka fall at the same time? You don't have a G-Technique to cast an AOE "High Resurrect" and Sarna's MP and HP are dangerously low. The boss is first to act on the next turn.

A party member has to be Resurrected, even if it means Sarna will die. Whoever is Resurrected, will also have to Resurrect someone, providing you have a "Revival Potion" in your pouch. Which, btw may not heal at 100%. Sarna is the only one with the ability to revive atm. The situation remains the same: you can only revive one party member at a time and you have to hope the only person standing will have time to revive someone before falling themselves, or before both get annihiliated on the next turn.

Now... assume that Kuril has Q and R Techniques so her hard-hitting spells can hit harder and can hit multiple times.  Great! She's a killing machine. Now, let's say you find it best for Kuril to use "Heal Zone." "Heal Zone" is a useful Magic Spell since it replenishes some HP each turn.

The problem is "Heal Zone" is only supported by G and P Techniques. That means, you will not be able to cast "Heal Zone" on the entire party in one turn, which would be much better to do. Not to mention, Kuril's Magic spells are an MP drain.

The battle is tough, and you need all the help you can get. Sarna is busy healing, Loka is busy attacking, and now you have to use a turn to give Kuril Holy Water so she can use "Heal Zone" on the next three turns instead of attacking with her powerful hits for those four turns???

Pay attention to which Magic spells your chars use the most. That way, you can make sure they have the proper Techniques equipped.

Fortunately, most Magic spells support all types of Techniques. But there are a handful of handy-dandy Magic spells that only support two or three types of Techniques. For instance, there are the two mentioned above and there's "Guard Assist," another useful Magic spell, but it is only supported by R, P, and G Techniques.

Later in the game as you gain Classes, you chars will unlock more slots for Techniques. Therefore, later in the game, equipping the right Techniques may not be problematic. Early in the game, though, when Techniques and slots for them are limited, you will need to be diligent about placing the best Techniques for each character.


Changes single Magic target to an AOE Magic spell. If assistive magic is used, its probability of success is reduced (ie increasing defense and attack).

Geon: The invoked spell is reduced to one-third power

--Geon is located in Sidesia Cave, B1F, Second Room behind boulder

Rageon: The invoked spell is reduced to half-power

--Rageon is located in Gates of Time, B1F

Ralgeon: There is no change in Magic spell's power.

--Ralgeon is located in Galbure's Tower, SE stairs to B1F


Decreases the use of MP when invoking Magic spells, even when not in battle (i.e. healing).

Puris: Decreases by 10%

--Puris is located in Leviathan Cave, north two screens from entrance, on the southern island west of Kurius. (When you obtain this Technique, you will have one of each type of Technique. Actually, you'll have two R-Techniques instead of one.  A good time to experiment with all of them.)

Rapuris: Decreases by 30%

--Rapuris is located in Dragon's Jaws, 2nd South screen, then West

Ralpuris: Decreases by 50%

--Ralpuris is in Chronus Shrine after going through Kazoo Tower, dropped by Geppel


Increases Magic incidence at the time it is invoked. (Spell repeats but uses appropriate MP each time it repeats.)

Quon: Increases by 1

--Quon is located in Elda Tower, East side.

Raquon: Increases by 2

--Raquon is located in Forest of Trials, West side, break boulder that leads to two treasure chests

Ralquon: Increases by 3

--Ralquon is located in Galbure's Tower, B3F


Increases the power of Magic Spells. May also increase accuracy. Used only during battles.

Ream: Increases by 30%

--Ream is located in Chronus Shrine, Second Room, when you are going through tutorial with Master Teth

Raream: Increases by 50%

--Raream is located in Milka's Villa, 1F, Left Room

Ralream: Increases by 70%

--Ralream is located in Galbure's Tower, dropped by Teth


Magic spells will repeat at various times as listed.

Tina: At end of turn

--Tina is located in Rastora Forest

Ratina: At end of turn and next turn

--Ratina is located in Iatt Path, West Entrance, 2nd Screen, then two North paths

Raltina: At end of turn and next two turns

--Raltina is located in Underground Path, 1F

There are a total of 15 Techniques, but the max amount that can be equipped is 12 when all chars have changed Classes a couple of times. Mix & match, rearrange, and update Techniques as you gain them. They are incredibly helpful.

Quon Techniques use additional MP. Early in the game, you may find that just a little burdensome. However, Holy Water is inexpensive to replenish MP. Keep an ample supply during your travels. Later in the game, Ralquon Techniques won't even worry you about their MP drain. Use Q-Techniques freely. They do wonders in battle.