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The Story Line & Premise

A tragedy happened that involved two young children who are friends, Loka and Sarna.

The terrible event occurred during a time known as Time Rewinding that takes place at the end of the Houra Festival. Time Rewinding is a long-awaited occasion that brings people together from around the world. The Houra Festival occurs once every ten years.

Ten years after the incident that affected the children, the Houra Festival has begun again. To prepare for the Time Rewinding finale, Loka, along with his Master Teth, are to fetch the Chronus Fragment from the nearby Shrine. 

The Chronus Fragment emits Chronus Energy that enables the Houra god to rewind time and repair things that are broken. Repairing precious items that are broken is why the country's people come to the castle kingdom of Kiribay.

The Things that can Go Wrong

An unusual chain of events begin while Loka and Master Teth are at the Shrine fetching the Chronus Fragment. The following events take Loka and his two companions, Sarna and Kuril, to the four corners of the continents.

Towns and Dungeons are revisited to gather more useful information and materials.

The characters you meet will help or hinder the party of Heroes, and you will come across them in both Towns and Dungeons.

The plot twists are unexpected and give much intrigue to the story. Every place you visit will reveal interesting Quests and Sub-Quests that propel the story, ultimately leading you to the next crisis.

The Plot & Sub-plot

The trio of Heroes work diligently and tirelessly to suppress evil enemies and Bosses and return the Chronus Fragments for the day of Time Rewinding. They are not the only ones with that goal, and their determination is met with considerable efforts to thwart their success.

The three Heroes each have a personal reason for willingly taking on this treacherous journey.

Loka desperately wants his beloved teacher, Master Teth, to return home safely after disappearing from the Shrine. Sarna, who is actually Princess Sarna, wants the Kingdom's stolen Chronus Fragment returned. Kuril, who never knew her father, and feels he's still alive, wants to find him since he is her only living parent.

The Basics


The Main Menu button while allow for a few different things.  While in a Dungeon, the Menu button gives you the option to "Leave" the Dungeon and retain any progress you made.  While on the World Map, the Menu button gives you a "Map" feature to Warp, for free, to any previously visited Town or Dungeon. The World Map is interactive.

At any time, The Menu will take you to a sub-menu that allows you a variety of options and functions. The sub-menu is where you invoke spells, check your Main Quests and Sub-Quests, review Equipment and Items, etc.

Saving the Game

There are three slots to save the game.  Use them as you wish. 

I recommend you save before and after Boss Battles, before entering a new area or Dungeon, during and after completing difficult puzzles, after completing an important Main Quest or gaining a valuable item, and after lengthy dialogues. 

The reason I recommend saving so often is because of how hard the enemies can be.  Your team may die often.  If you do die, you can always choose to "Continue" to pick up where you left off in battle.  But what is the point of that if you need to change your stats for a Battle where the enemy is OP? Therefore, you'll need to "Reload" the game.  When you do, you will lose all progress since your last save.  THAT is why you save often.

What's in the Game


There are tabs within the Menu that allow you to see your current Main Quest and the Sub-Quests, aka Duties. You will never get lost, stuck, or wonder what to do next. You should check them on occasion to make sure the Sub-Quests are being completed and you're collecting the rewards for them.

Some Sub-Quests must be completed. It is recommended that they all get completed.  Some Sub-Quests can be repeated an unlimited number of times. 

Completing the Sub-Quests will give you Gold, rare and needed items for Class changes, and materials for Equipment Reinforcements.

More importantly, there are Sub-Quests that earn you valuable and much-needed Key Items.

Forging and Reinforcing

The game starts with only Loka in the party. Before your real adventure begins, Sarna will join you. You will remain a party of two until you complete a couple of dungeons and Kuril joins your team.

Each character starts out with basic, unrefined Equipment. From the outset of the journey, you will gather materials from Mining spots in order to Reinforce Weapons and Armor at the Blacksmith Shop.  You must Reinforce.  You will never survive if you don't.


Every Dungeon will have puzzles to solve.  The puzzles involve at least one of three components: moving blocks, lifting and placing pots, and/or moving levers.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?  Hah! Don't be fooled. Granted, some puzzles are easy to do. Most of them require thinking, pre-planning, re-starting, and definitely, help from the videos in the Walkthrough.

Key Items

Materials are important in this game. You won't get anywhere without farming (mining) for them. 

Before you move to a new area, have a visit with the local town's smithy. Reinforce all your party's Equipment at the Blacksmith Shop as much as possible with available local materials. 

You can check available local materials under the "Materials" List in the Walkthrough. When you notice the missing materials for Reinforcing to a higher level are in the next area, then it's time to move forward. 

Books of Discipline are exciting to collect. Each party member can Master four new Classes, as well as a fifth Hidden Class.  There's a lot of work to do here.  You'll be entertained for many hours!

Documents of Attainment are the ultimate tool for Class changes.  Each character will need one to unlock their Hidden Class.

Ancient Key is bought from the Chronus Arc Points (CAP) Shop.  This is purely optional to do.  I think you should do it anyway. You're going to earn CAP in-game, so you might as well spend it.  The Key will unlock the Ancient Dungeons menu from the CAP Store. Ancient Dungeons consists of two bonus Dungeons. 

One Dungeon is the "Ancient Underground Path." The Path has a plethora of Mining locations to gather materials for Reinforcements. Plus, on all of the 15 floors, there are Treasure Chests with some fun items. At the end, there is a Boss that will net you a massive amount of EXP ... if you can defeat it.

The second Dungeon is the "Ancient Labyrinth." Now this is a truly unique concept to RPGs.  There are no enemies in this 10-story maze.  Enemies are meant to present challenges and potential roadblocks to keep you from having an easy time on your mission.  What happens here?  Puzzles!  Lots and lots of puzzles.  Don't you think for one second this will be a piece of cake.

To access the Ancient Dungeons, return to the CAP Store once you have the Ancient Key. You will see the option to enter them on the menu.  Both Dungeons are fun to do and worth saving up the CAP for in order to buy the Ancient Key.

A Quick Review

"Chronus Arc" is a typical linear RPG. The subplots are simple, and there isn't interdependence with the main story. The Sub-Quests do not have a life of their own. Meaning, they will not take you down different and lengthy paths of a separate story.

All the characters - every single one - only have one goal in mind: to get their hands on all four of the Chronus Fragments.

There are some things I find unique about this game. The dungeons are short and incredibly easy to navigate. You won't have any difficulty finding your way through them.

However, all the Bosses can prove to be formidable foes. There are strategies you'll need to develop to overcome the challenges the Bosses present for your party. Also, with each new area, the enemies become exponentially more difficult to battle.

Weapon and Armor reinforcing, from only a handful of available items, presents a fun and strategic task. Above all, the main unique feature of this game is the puzzles you have to solve to pass through Dungeons.  Fun, fun, fun!

You do not have to buy items from the Store. However, it is recommended that you do.  Purchasing items with in-game currency you earn, will give you another thing to strive for, and it will make the game more fun. Easier, too.

RPG Insanity is Here to Help You

The Walkthrough is complete with every Treasure location, directions and clues for Sub-Quests, Boss-Battle strategies, Weapon and Armor strengthening suggestions, Town loot locations, Dungeon guides, and Post-game material.

Every Town and Dungeon is listed, and so is every Enemy and Material in the game. Included in the various sections of the Walkthrough are videos and screenshots to make the explanations more clear and help you solve some challenging obstacles if they are a struggle for you.

Then there are the Forums. In the Chronus Arc Forum you can post questions, suggestions, hints & tips, and comments.  Our website is active, and there are many helpful members to exchange info with you.

Enjoy Chronus Arc, and enjoy RPG Insanity!