Back to Gozless

Written by Uninvented

Head to the Castle to see King Milka. We need to let the King know that we couldn't get the Gozless Fragment. Looks like Geppel took off with it.

Surprise! Surprise!! We should have guessed there isn't anything we could do about Geppel's bromance ... heh, whoops. I, uh, mean manipulation. Geppel is manipulating Milka. He's manipulating everyone, I bet!

This is lovely. The castle Soldier informs us in a matter-of-fact manner how the King ends up in a bad mood when we're around. Hmph! This guy has some nerve.  King Milka didn't even see us this time.

Forget about that Soldier. Don't let him get ya down or hurt your feelings. We have a new destination again, and we're in a hurry. Maybe.

Our next destination won't be easy. Fun & exciting but not easy. Rest and replenish while you're in the city. See what the smithy can do for you. Might be a good idea to complete Quests and get the new Quests. Beef up your party a little. You have a couple of big battles at the next stop.


Before returning to Milka's Villa, MSG Commander recommends you have:

  1. Long Sword +3
  2. Battle Lance +3
  3. Cutie Hammer +3
  4. Plate Mail +1
  5. Steel Dress +1
  6. Gothic Robe +1