Written by Uninvented

Bagas is the last unknown town we'll visit on the planet. There's really interesting things that are learned in this tiny, out-of-the-way town. What we learn in Bagas will help the pieces of all the enigmas fit together and make sense.

An Old Man's Wisdom

First things, first. Sit down and have some tea with Kuril's grandparents.

Turns out, Kuril's father was a pupil of Rastora! Kuril's father was one who received a Chronus Fragment from his teacher, Rastora. Kuril's father then hid the Fragment in Kazoo Tower.

Now we know the four pupils: Teth, King Minel, Galbure, and Kuril's father. We learned of the Chronus Fragments being entrusted to Teth, King Minel, and Kuril's father.


I am beginning to think we were mislead. It was worded in such a way as Rastora had four pupils, and each one was entrusted with a Fragment. But Galbure wasn't entrusted with a Fragment. Yet, if all four Fragments were entrusted to a pupil, then there must be a fifth pupil. Maybe Galbure "didn't count" as a pupil since he wasn't given a Fragment? Or maybe it's as it is implied: Rastora kept it? Rastora is dead, right? So where's his Fragment? 🤯

Either way, we have no idea who has the final Fragment and where it is.

On a hunch, I think the last Chronus Fragment is in the town of Iatt. Sein is too small, but Kiribay, Gozless, and Bagas are in three corners of the world.  So why not Iatt being the fourth? THE PRIEST!!! Do you think so, too? Let's see how this unfolds.

Nearby Kazoo Tower

You're anxious to get to the tower now, aren't ya? Well, so is Kuril. Once we're done in Bagas, we can head right over to the tower

If you remember, Kazoo Tower is where Cordea told us to go. Before Teth stole the Orb from us (@?!_*+#-), Cordea told us where to find the Chronus Fragments. This is it -- Kazoo Tower.  We'll finally get one of those Fragments!

Finishing Up in Town

The Guild only gives you one Quest: Duty #39. You will get more later. Some real interesting ones too!

Kurius has a curious story to tell. Listen to it. Without giving away the true nitty-gritty, we can say the Boost Manuals were passed down through the generations. Kurius got the Boost Manuals from a dying old man.

Despite the surprises and horrors of Kurius' story, we know the Boost Manuals have been around for ages. They must be important and worth protecting.

Maybe this evil happened before now. Ancestors may have known, or at least predicted, that the evil would rise again. Therefore, the Boost Manuals would be necessary to create and retain in order to suppress the evil. Maybe the evil will recur during another Houra Festival. There must be a reason for the existence of the Boost Manuals for so many generations.


  1. Kuril's bedroom nightstand: BGM: Check Back Next Week!
  2. Pot outside of Kuril's "island" home: Spirit Gem
  3. Inn nightstand: 740G
  4. Pot outside of Item Shop: Fruit of Power
  5. Barrel inside Tavern: BGM: A New Ally!
  6. House east of Tavern, pot outside: 660G
  7. Same house, in the nightstand: Superior Herbal Potion


  1. Sagettack
  2. Temistack
  3. Holy Lance
  4. Basilis Lance
  5. Rejuvenator Hammer
  6. Transcendent Hammer
  7. Storm Ring
  8. Life Ring
  9. Mage's Ring
  10. Four-leaf Ring
  11. Magic-breaker Ring
  12. Endurance Ring


Before you head to Kazoo Tower, MSG Commander recommends you have:

  1. Great Sword +5 *
  2. Power Lance +5 *
  3. Magical Hammer +5 *
  4. Mithril Armor +3
  5. Providence Dress +2
  6. Magic Robe +2

* Note that it is possible to reinforce each of your weapons 3 more times; however, mining Alloy in Dragon's Jaws is a real pain, and if you're comfortable waiting just a little while, it's super easy to mine Alloy in Galbure's Tower. (Meanwhile, you'll be just fine with these weapons until you get there.)