Chronus Shrine

Written by Uninvented

The Game's Entire Tutorial - Courtesy of Master Teth

The first trip to the Shrine is a tutorial. A long one. You learn a lot about game mechanics, the plot, and characters.

Master Teth explains so many things to Loka.

Can't.  Take.  It.  All.  In.

It's okay. All the info is included here if it needs to be referenced. For now, just pretend you know what's going on 😉.

The Breakdown

While in the Shrine, we learn about a number of things from Teth:

-Loka becoming a Sorcerer Knight like his Master
-Sorcerer Knight's Ring
-Ring Reinforcement Techniques

You need a special Ring to break round boulders that block your path. Master Teth gives you the Ring you need, the "badge of office of a Sorcerer Knight." The Sorcerer Knight's Ring. You should be feeling special right about now!

A "Ring" button will now appear on the upper right of the screen. This button will allow you to unleash the Ring's strongest available power.

During our travels, Techniques that increase the capabilities of the Ring will automatically occur to reinforce the Ring appropriately. (There are only three reinforcements that will occur. One will let you jump over chasms, the next Reinforcement will let you jump over wider chasms, and the final Reinforcement will allow you to unlock the Gates of Time.)

Kuril will give you the first one, and Cordea will give you the second one. I'm not telling who gives the third Ring Reinforcement. It's a surprise. You're a long way off from getting the Ring Reinforcements, so there's no need worrying about them yet.

Other than breaking boulders, manipulating switches, and jumping over chasms, your Ring has one more function. (This Ring has turned out to be quite the keeper.)  Aiming the Ring at a nearby demon on the screen will temporarily stop that demon from moving. That will allow you to sneak by if necessary. The effect does not last long, so you better hurry!

-Hourglass button

Puzzles require their parts to be manipulated in order to solve them. Those parts can be blocks, pots, or switches.  Switches can be crystals, levers, or floor pads. The effects of Loka's Ring will come in handy when solving puzzles.

You cannot walk across Spikes that protrude from the floor. That would be a serious liability, now wouldn't it?  The Switch will react to the magic of the Ring. Use the Ring to shoot the Switch and reveal what it is protecting.

Here in Chronus Shrine, Teth will give you the first test of how the Ring can interact with Switch devices. Switches can be levers or floating crystals. A Switch could also be a door. (You'll see.)

By using the Hourglass to reset puzzles, you don't have to restart the game or exit the room to reset the puzzle.

It is recommended that you periodically save the game as you're working on complicated puzzles.  Some puzzles require many moves. If you make a mistake, the Hourglass will take you to the very beginning of the puzzle, and maybe the hourglass will even take you to the beginning of the entire floor!

By saving the game, however, if you make a mistake that can't be corrected, you can just reload the game to pick up from the last time you saved. See, with all the explaining Master Teth does, he doesn't tell you THAT important stuff!

-Strength for Techniques
-Forbidden Spirit Spells

Pay attention to Teth's explanations about Techniques. Most of them won't make sense just yet, but absorb as much as you can. Techniques are important in this game.

R: Increases Magic Power
Q: Increases Times Magic Occurs (will cause an attack or spell to occur an additional 1, 2, or 3 times according to degree of Technique)
T: Increases Duration of Magic (length of time spell lasts, ie Heal Zone, Guard Spoil, etc)
G: Broaden Scope of the Magic (changes single attack, heal, buff, or debuff, to an AOE spell)
P: Decrease MP Used

What Teth tells us is packed with info:

  1. Techniques increase effects of Magic. They are set from Menu: Equipment.
  2. Set the Techniques before battle. (They can't be set or changed during battles.)
  3. There are a number of types of Techniques. (Five, to be exact.)
  4. Some Magic is not compatible with certain Techniques.
  5. Should you set a Technique with incompatible Magic, the Magic effect will not increase. (Later in the game, this will not be as much of a concern. The spells most often used allow for a variety of Techniques, and each char will be able to Equip different Techniques as you find them and more Techniques as you gain Classes. Therefore, each char may equip up to four different types of Techniques which will most likely provide you with the Technique you need to enhance any spell that is invoked.)
  6. Check the "Magic Explanations" to see if a Technique goes well with Magic spells. Go to Menu:Skills:Magic. Choose the appropriate Magic spell. You will see the Techniques that support it.
  7. The R, Q, T, P, G Techniques are invoked with head, body, arms, or feet. Spirit, too- but Spirit is FORBIDDEN!! (I dunno about you, but now that something is Forbidden, it makes me really curious about it.  You, too?  At the end of the game, Galbure, and also King Milka, will show us what happens when a Forbidden spell is invoked and what it means to not be human.  It's quite ugly, actually.)
  8. Using the Spirit can invoke great power, BUT the char can no longer exist as human. (That kinda deflated the curiosity.)
  9. More than one Technique can be used at once, but the char needs enough "Strength" to do it. (Strength is gained for Techniques in an appropriately timely manner. So don't worry.)
  10. At the start of the game, Loka only has enough Strength for two Techniques.
  11. Up to four Techniques can be equipped. They will unlock after Level 30 with Class changes.
  12. Enemies can use Techniques with similar abilities as us.

There is a more in-depth explanation about Techniques in the Walkthrough. It is located under Hints and Tips: Techniques Defined.

-Chronus Fragments
-Gates of Time
-Time Rewinding

Master Teth gives a thorough explanation to Loka about the Gates of Time and the Chronus Fragments.

The Gates of Time only appear during the Time Rewinding period - such as now. When we go through this doorway, we will have to pass through the Gates of Time to reach Chronus Fragments.

The world on the other side of the Gates is the same as the current world but with one difference. Time on the other side has stopped. When the Time Rewinding window occurs, the current world can be overwritten with the matter on the other side of the Gates that is stopped in time. That's how things can be repaired, even though the items are not really "repaired." They are, like Teth says, overwritten.

Consider what dwells beyond the Gates of Time to be the "old world" that existed 10 years ago. In order for something to be repaired, it had to exist prior to the last time that time stopped. That way, its presence or existence would still be frozen behind the Gates.

The purpose of the Gates of Time is to preserve the world on the other side of the Gates.  The Gates cannot be sensed except during Time Rewinding.

Our world that lies beyond the Gates, which is stopped in time, is like a safety net.  We may lose things in life, but much, or all, of what we know can be restored.

The locked door you're looking at is NOT the Gates.  It is a door.  Once that door is open, you will find the Gates of Time.  Once you enter through those Gates, then all time in your environment will be stopped.

During the Time Rewinding, Chronus Fragments are what allow us to use an opposite, or rewinding, effect in the current world. It would be nice to glimpse beyond the Gates, wouldn't it? We've chatted enough, so let's get through the Gates.

-Mining/Material gathering

Mining is partly random. Mining is random in the sense that Mining spots will always reappear and in the same spot originally found. When you finish Mining an area and leave the dungeon/cave, the Mining areas will all reset in the same areas. The locations never change. There is no randomness to locations.

Each Mining spot will also give the same kind of mats that are designated to it. That doesn't mean you will always get them all or get them in the same quantity. Five is the max number of mats that can be mined from any given area.

Let's say that a Mining area produces Iron Fragment, Soft Leather, and Blunted Claw. While mining there, you can mine any combination of those items, maybe all, some, or just one type; and you will Mine from one-to-five of them. So, in that respect, Mining is random.

In summ: Mining locations are not random. Quantity (1-5) and Quality (materials,) have a fixed randomness.


Chronus Shrine, 1F, 1st Room

Mining Spot

While you are still exploring 1F, Teth stands guard at the Shrine's entrance. You can't see Teth, so you wouldn't know he's there. If you try to leave the Shrine, Teth will ...  Just go see what he will do. It's cool.

Chronus Shrine, 1F, 2nd Room

Treasure: Ream Technique (You're first Technique!)

Be sure to equip your Technique.

Chronus Shrine, B1F, 3rd Room

Treasure: Herbal Potion

Your first battle!

*You can put Battle Mode on "Fast" if you prefer. The option to do so is on the battle screen.

Chronus Shrine, B1F, 4th Room

Mining Spot

Treasure: 100G

Go to the NW corner of the room to exit to another room.

Chronus Shrine, B1F, 5th Room

The Help menu gives skeletal details of puzzles if they are needed to be remembered. Although, I promise, that will eventually be the least of your problems when it comes to puzzles in this game!

Puzzle Solution

Push left box up to Switch.

Push right box down and left to center Switch.

Corridor: Mining spot

Chronus Shrine, B1F, 6th Room

Just as Teth begins to explain how to use the Sorcerer Knight's Ring to open the Gates of Time...

Teth is interrupted. Enter Geppel and his horde of henchmen! Geppel claims he has been searching for the Chronus Fragments for a long time. Geppel is not a pleasant-looking fellow. He looks like an outlaw. He is rather insistent that he gets the Fragments he seeks.

Teth looks as if he suspects something amiss about Geppel's intrusiveness, and he orders Loka to go to Kiribay Castle and tell the King that reinforcements are needed.

Loka second-guesses his master's order, and he thinks it better to stay and fight alongside Teth. Then Loka realizes he may not be good enough to participate in this kind of battle and will only serve to get in the way. Loka takes off to request reinforcements from the King, even though he doesn't want to leave behind Master Teth to deal with all these nasty-looking meddlesome men.

Chronus Shrine, B1F, 7th Room

Read the sign.

Treasure: Herbal Potion

Kiribay is a short distance west of Chronus Shrine. Go directly to the King. After reporting to the King, return to Chronus Shrine, to the same location you last saw Teth.

When you open the "Menu" in a dungeon, the "Leave" option will be provided. Choosing "Leave" will return the party to the World Map without losing any gained treasures.

If you didn't "grind" in the Shrine, you should already be Level 4, close to Level 5. Sleep in your bed to refresh.

Since you've collected all the mats from the Mining areas in Chronus Shrine (right?) you may be able to Reinforce some gear. You'll have Gold to buy some items, too. Yay! The shops in Kiribay are open for biz.


  1. Ream Technique
  2. Herbal Potion
  3. 100G
  4. Herbal Potion


  1. Iron Fragment
  2. Blunted Claw
  3. Soft Leather