Dragon’s Jaws

Written by Uninvented

Prepare for Stronger Enemies

You'll notice that once you leave the northern continent, the enemies are much more of a challenge. Dragon's Jaws has ferocious beasts, too.

By completing all the Quests assigned to you, your team should have gained enough strength to proceed.

Do not go into Dragon's Jaws with low-level new Class changes. Don't have chars below Level 12-ish, for example. If the party is too low, they may not be able to withstand one hit.

Roaming the Northern continent for a few battles to increase XP and Levels will well-prepare the team for what lies ahead of them.

The Dragon's Jaws cave is easy to navigate. Straightforward, no secrets or a network of twists and turns. Going directly North & South will lead to the cave's exits. The East & West rooms have no exit points. One of the East rooms has a puzzle. A short vid of the puzzle is included.

Your party should be pleasantly OP by now if you've been grinding and farming all along for equipment Reinforcements. Well, let's hope you're still OP for Dragon's Jaws!

Give Loka an AOE G-Technique. The enemies in the cave are weak against "Dragon Thunder," but the Draco Thunder enemies are strong against it, of course.

By invoking "Dragon Thunder" as an AOE spell, you'll one-shot, or greatly weaken, your mob of foes. Without AOE "Dragon Thunder," a mob will take at least two rounds to kill. Since these mons pack a punch, you're not gonna wanna go two or more rounds.

Second South screen, SW room: Fight ALL the mons blocking your path, and then ... Lol. I hope you have a real good sense of humor!

The cave is not very long or difficult; but it is tedious. Once you emerge from Dragon's Jaws from the South side, you'll see the town of Bagas directly East.


  1. Rapuris Technique
  2. Revival Potion
  3. Ice Orb
  4. BGM: Fleeting Instants


  1. Infant Dragon Hide
  2. Stone Fang
  3. Strong Fang
  4. Alloy
  5. Steel
  6. Mischievous Fang
  7. Magic Elemental Stones


  1. Warrior's Armor
  2. Ironwall Dress
  3. Transcendent Dress