Galbure’s Tower (Continued)

Written by Uninvented

Continuation from previous section.


Get the treasure in the northwest corner, then use your Ring to cross the platforms.

BGM: To the Center of Time

White Scale of Wrath
Light Fur

Solve the puzzle in the next room and take the stairs in the north.

B4F, Northern Room Puzzle Solution

Note the placement of the three pots.


Take the west exit and solve the puzzle for another treasure.

Treasure: Document of Attainment

Exit the room. Go North.

North Room Puzzle

Next North Room Puzzle


Prepare for the battle of your lives!

If you're able to do it, equip Loka with AOE heal skills for this battle. I didn't do it, and that may be why I had a hard time getting through the battles.

I couldn't experiment with Loka as a Healer for this battle since he hadn't gone through the Cleric Class change. I do have a logic behind why I think you should do it. Anyone's input about it would be great.

Both Teth and Galbure are strong against Thunder skills, which are Loka's best skills. (Makes sense since they are all Sorcerer Knights.)

Both Teth and Galbure are weak against Ice and Physical attacks.

Teth is weaker against Ice than Galbure, and Galbure is weaker against Physical than Teth.

(That also makes sense. Teth would be weak against Magic, since um, well, I dunno, he just looks to be so physical. Galbure would be weak against Physical since Magic is his specialty and he's been historically deeply rooted in the use of Magic.)

Loka is nearly as fast, if not faster, than Sarna. He's definitely faster than Kuril. So he has the speed to be a Healer.

If Sarna and Kuril can do more damage with their Skills and Magic, and Loka is just about useless for attacks, then why not have Loka be the Healer for these two battles?

If you're gonna try it, then don't forget to switch around your Techniques.

Also, don't forget to let us know if it's a good lineup.

These are my team's stats before going into "sudden death." (Think I'm kidding? Those words are purposefully chosen!)

Each party member has Mastered two Classes. They are on their third Class, and that is Mastered as well. The Hidden Class must still be done. The missing Class is listed.

Lv 39
Assistant/Wandering Mage
(Still needs Cleric Class)

PWR: 354
STR: 506
INT: 303
ATK: 1344
DEF: 1289
MATK: 490
MDEF: 525

Temistack +1
Gold Armor +0
Houra Bandana

Ream Technique
Raltina Technique
Rapuris Technique

Lv 39
(Still needs Warrior Class)

PWR: 271
STR: 381
INT: 566
ATK: 1255
DEF: 1323
MATK: 835
MDEF: 822

Holy Lance +3
Goddess Dress +2
Regal Headband

Raream Technique
Raquon Technique
Ralgeon Technique

Lv 39
Warrior/Superstrong Girl
(Still needs Assistant Class)

PWR: 485
STR: 521
INT: 307
ATK: 1368
DEF: 1366
MATK: 479
MDEF: 498

Transcendent Hammer +0
Transcendent Robe +1
Strength Ring

Ratina Technique
Ralquon Technique
Ralpuris Technique

A cut scene with old man Galbure and Teth.

Galbure orders Teth to deal with us. Woot! I've been waiting a looooong time for this battle. We owe Teth a helluva smackdown! (Even though I despise the thought of Galbure ordering around Teth! 😡)

The battle with Teth is long and hard. Teth is much more difficult to defeat than Galbure, but not as hard as the final boss, imo, if you were to battle him now. I died my first time with Teth. Rushed back in with a vengeance, and we assaulted him. He's the only boss in the game that wiped out my team.

Strengthen your team if you keep failing. This guy is made of iron and doesn't bend easily. Once you go through the Gates of Time, things get real sticky for our Heroes. You will most likely have to do a lot of grinding for XP and Materials to defeat what's on the other side of the Gates. Teth isn't the hardest to defeat, per se, but for what should be expected of our Heroes in relative XP and Strength, Teth is, by far, tougher than the final boss.

For Teth:

-Thunder is not effective.
-Fire is not very effective.
-Might get lucky with some physical attacks if you're desperate enough to try them. Physical attacks are generally not very effective.
-Very weak against Ice attacks.

Best attacks:

Instant Twinslash
Poison Fang Sword

Freeze Wind (when able to use it)

Salamander Hit

Battle Loot:

18000 XP
Ralream Technique

Don't know where you think you're going or what you're celebrating. You're not done here. Galbure is breathing down your neck! And you have no opportunity to heal.

Galbure gets two consecutive hits per round.

-Strong against Thunder
-Mediocre against Ice
-Weak against Physical

Galbure is quite weak against Kuril's Salamander Hit.

Battle Loot is pfft.

Teth returns to normal once you barbecue Galbure!

Good job!

Three consecutive boss battles are a little too much for any game.  It may be impossible to defeat what's behind "Door Number One." You will be able to challenge it at any time. Teth will stand there and eternally wait for you to return and fulfill your destiny as his pupil. (That's a little artistic license.)

Since the party is leveling up, I gave a Document of Attainment to Loka and Kuril. They are the attackers and Sarna is usually busy doing healing, above anything else.


Loka became the Grand Sorcerer Knight at Attainment. At Level 15, he learned the Special Skill "Dragon Fang," and at Level 28, he learned the Special Skill "Dragon Shadow."

(So now Loka is a Grand Sorcerer Knight, and not just the Sorcerer Knight he set out to be. Interestingly enough, Galbure is a Grand Sorcerer Knight; and Loka has a higher status than his Master Teth!)

Kuril became the Great Witch Girl at Attainment. At Level 30, she learned the Special Skill "Million Hit."

Later, Sarna became a Valkyrie. At Level 8, she learned the Special Skill "Noble Citron," and at Level 26, she learned the Special Skill "Cold Rosette."

All of the Special Skills gained through Attainment are powerful. I exclusively used Loka's and Kuril's during moderate-tough battles.


  1. BGM: To The Center of Time
  2. Document of Attainment


  1. Light Fur
  2. White Scale of Wrath