Galbure’s Tower

Written by Uninvented

Galbure's Tower is an interesting place. There's lots to do, lots to learn, and lots to fight.

The following stats are all from Class changes, Leveling, and Reinforcements.  Haven't consumed any Fruits yet.

Upon entering the tower, this is what we were wearing and what we were packing:

Lv 59

Temistack +1
Mithril Armor +3
Houra Bandana

Ream Technique
Raltina Technique
Rapuris Technique

PWR: 323
STR: 508
INT: 527
ATK: 1285
DEF: 1214
MATK: 749
MDEF: 707

Lv 55

Holy Lance +3
Providence Dress +3
Regal Headband

Raream Technique
Raquon Technique
Rageon Technique

PWR: 340
STR: 410
INT: 512
ATK: 1322
DEF: 1135
MATK: 797
MDEF: 826

Witch Girl/Sorcerer
Lv 55

Transcendent Hammer +0
Magic Robe +3
Strength Ring

Ratina Technique
Quon Technique
Ralpuris Technique

PWR: 292
STR: 445
INT: 511
ATK: 1162
DEF: 1145
MATK: 748
MDEF: 729


Step on the Switchpad so the enemy can pass the Spikes. The door will open after defeating the enemy. If you leave and return to the tower, the door will remain open.

It's Kurius!

Now, you should have all the "Boost Manuals." To check, go to Menu:Boost Manuals.

Kurius has a confession to make.

That story about the dying old man? Kurius wasn't very forthcoming about it. Kurius was a heartless thief who looked for ways to make an easy, and often unscrupulous, living. His intentions were always selfish, whether it was regarding the old man or regarding Loka. Huh? Wow!

Kurius robbed the Boost Manuals from the old man.

His intentions of giving the Boost Manuals to Loka were to befriend him thinking he is naive and easily fooled.

Kurius knew if Teth was guarding the Kingdom's treasure, then it had to be valuable. There's no way to get past Teth. Instead, Kurius befriended Loka hoping to learn from him what the treasure is and where it is once Loka took over Teth's position.

Now, though, Kurius doesn't feel that way - selfish and wanting to steal. Kurius was enlightened and inspired by Loka's "compassion and trust." Kurius no longer has wicked or deceitful intentions against Loka or the Kingdom's treasure.

Kurius bids farewell. For the first time, Kurius addresses Loka by his name, and Loka takes notice. It seems that Kurius sees Loka as a person now and not a "young lad" (or a tool).

This should go without saying, but... now that you have all the Boost Manuals, you can reinforce your equipment A LOT, just with the Mining points you already have access to. You should take the time now to get everything as high as you can without having to mine resources that are deeper in Galbure's Tower. The more you do now, the easier the rest of the tower will be...

At first glance, the stairways don't look like stairs, they look like patterns on the floor. There are four stairways in the room.

NE stairs

Light Fur
Pearl Crystal

You can easily Leave the dungeon and repeatedly mine here. If you're lucky, you'll get plenty of the Alloy and Pearl Crystal you need.

NW stairs

Magic Elemental Crystal

SW stairs

Intelligence Gem

Now take SE stairs.


"Blackend" spell is cast in here, too. Be careful.

There is a Treasure chest located in the NW corner, at the south-central location, and beyond the eastern puzzle.

Ralgeon Technique
Thunder Orb
Book of Discipline

A tip about the puzzle: if you reset the puzzle, you will be taken to the far SW stairs, where you entered the floor, in order to restart the puzzle! Or you can periodically save & reload if necessary. 😉

See the video if you need a little help with the puzzle.

This floor isn't difficult to return to since it is early in the dungeon. This would be a good time to "Leave" and warp to Iatt to use the Book of Discipline to change a Class.

If you're staying to continue your exploration of the tower, start heading back to the big room right before this one. Make an immediate turn going North, and then take the NE stairs.


Solve the puzzle, then take the stairs on the other side of the room back down to B1F.


Get the treasure, then take the stairs down another level.

Revival Potion


There's more treasure in this room! And a Mining point.

Deluxe Holy Water

Cursed Snakeskin
Black Scale of Wrath
Pearl Crystal

(As you know, Mining in the Ancient Underground Path would be better for mining Black Scale of Wrath. This place will do if you find it more convenient. It may take a little longer to farm the mats you need.)

Go through North exit. Gotta get a little lucky here. You'll need to run thru the door at the same time when both "wolf" demons simultaneously step on Switchpads.

Take the stairs on the right to get Ralquon Technique, then go back up and take the stairs to the left.


Go to the next B3F area.


Place pot on left Switchpad.

North exit.

Treasure: 2900G

Take east exit.

Treasure: Deluxe Herbal Potion

Take the stairs down, and exit to the west.

Come out west exit in the main room.

Take the south exit and go downstairs.

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  1. Intelligence Gem
  2. Ralgeon Technique
  3. Thunder Orb
  4. Book of Discipline
  5. Revival Potion
  6. Deluxe Holy Water
  7. Cureall
  8. Ralquon Technique
  9. 2900G
  10. Deluxe Herbal Potion


  1. Light Fur
  2. Alloy
  3. Pearl Crystal
  4. Cursed Snakeskin
  5. Black Scale of Wrath


  1. Gold Armor
  2. Goddess Dress
  3. Transcendent Robe