Gozless Path

Written by Uninvented

We're on our way to the next big city, Gozless. We just have to cut through a mountain to do it: Gozless Path.

The enemies in here are unfortunately much stronger than our team. Do a lot of grinding before entering here. Or, you can make a kamikaze run through the path, if that's your style.  You're most likely gonna do a whole lotta dying if your weps & armor aren't up to snuff.

Just always keep Holy Water and Poison Eraser in your travel pouch.


Loka isn't buying Geppel's story.

Sarna wants to catch up to Geppel before he exits the path. Sarna reminds us that we need to get back the Chronus Fragment from Geppel. Whoops! Almost forgot about that little detail with all the excitement we've been experiencing.

Kuril doesn't disappoint when it comes to confirming our opinions about how bizarre she is.

There are two sides to the Gozless Path: East and West. Just look for the spots where you can go through a treeline or there's an opening that goes to the edge of the screen.

The video shows you the way through the treacherous mountain path if you need the help.

We make it to the end of the path: the Northern side entrance. Lookie here! Geppel and his henchmen. Again.

The bad news: the trio of bandits dipped. We can't capture them and take back our Chronus Fragment.

The good news: Kuril increased the capability of our Ring. She's always full of surprises, this one.

Stand at the very edge of the cliff directly across from the yellow crystal. Aim your Ring at the crystal. It will act like a grappling hook to get you to the other side of the chasm. Yay!

As soon as we step out of the path, we see the city of Gozless to the near West.


  1. Poison Eraser
  2. Superior Herbal Potion
  3. Protection Gem
  4. Revival Potion
  5. BGM: Deeper, Deeper
  6. Herbal Potion
  7. Holy Water
  8. BGM: Adventure Start

(Eight "treasures." I don't see one treasurable thing here 😡.)


  1. Dragon's Scale
  2. Dragon's Fang
  3. Small Horn
  4. Steel Fragment


  1. Thunder Sword
  2. Thunder Lance
  3. Thunder Hammer
  4. Thunder Guard
  5. Energy Vest
  6. Energy Cloak