Iatt Path

Written by Uninvented

There isn't anything to add to what the vid has to show. I did speak of a few things in the video if you want to play it with sound.


  1. Superior Herbal Potion
  2. Cureall
  3. BGM: Quick!
  4. Revival Potion
  5. Magic Ring
  6. 700G
  7. Ratina Technique


  1. Steel
  2. Magic Fragment
  3. Vivid Feather
  4. Magic Elemental Stones
  5. Blue Feather
  6. Sharp Beak

NOTE: Sharp Beak is also occasionally dropped by Firebird. Plus, every time you complete the Guild quest in Iatt to kill 10 Firebirds, the reward is 5 Sharp Beaks!


  1. Blazing Armor
  2. Ice Storm Armor
  3. Thundercloud Armor
  4. Flame Dress
  5. Ice Dress
  6. Thunder Dress
  7. Flame Cloak
  8. Ice Cloak
  9. Thunder Cloak

DON'T FORGET! Return to the wide chasm to jump it. No need to worry now about it. You'll know when the time is right.