Iatt, Second Time

Written by Uninvented


We have the Soul-mirror Orb in hand, and we enter the Tavern. Cordea suggests we head to Kazoo Tower which is "way South" of Iatt.  Poor Cordea, he said getting older has it's drawbacks at times. Failing eyesight, ya know. (Wonder how he plays poker then?)

Kazoo. Sounds like a name for a cheap plastic toy.

Well, well! Things just got interesting! Master Teth shows up and insists that Loka hand over the Orb to him. Say wha...??? Cordea seems confused. Poor hearing, too?

Never mind the hearing. Back to the eyesight issue. 'Cause everythin' just went black.

Memories Returning

The Princess is in Rastora Forest. Who? Sarna? 

We catch a glimpse of Loka's recurring dream. We see Teth! The King of Kiribay is telling Teth that Sarna was attacked by demons in Rastora Forest.

(Could this be why Teth didn't say anything to Loka in the beginning of the game? Loka told Teth about that dream, but Teth brushed it off at the time. It seemed kinda rude and lacking compassion of Loka's Master, but maybe it's because Teth doesn't want Loka to remember that day!)

When Teth spoke to the King, was he alluding to Sarna's death?? No. No. No. That can't be. 

Loka and Sarna lie on the floor of the Throne Room before the King. The children are not moving. But wait! Loka is still conscious! Sarna isn't?

The King pleads with Teth to use a Fragment to save Sarna. (After all, this is during the Time Rewinding event ten years ago.)

Back to Reality

Time to wake up and get back to the present day! Teth is gone!! So is the Orb.

(What was that dream all about? Was it a recollection or just a dream?)

Loka insists that could not be the real Teth. His Master would never behave in this evil manner. Cordea begs to differ. Cordea claims it is Teth, but his Spirit is most likely being controlled by Galbure.

Galbure!?! How? Why!? Who or what is a Galbure? And why is he messing with the Master's spirit!?!

Aah... Galbure was a pupil of Rastora.  Just like King Minel was.

Galbure controls Magic Techniques very well. Even though Galbure is strong with Magic, he is weak in Spirit. That weakness is why Rastora would not turn over a Fragment to him.

Galbure desires eternal life and youth. (Sounds like a kook.) Galbure believes he can achieve his goals with the Chronus Fragments. He cannot, and should not, do it. It's just too much power for one body.

!!!Teth is a pupil of Rastora, too!!! So that must be how Teth and Galbure know each other! It also must be why Cordea suspects that Teth is under Galbure's evil control. Awww. Poor Teth! 😢

No time to dwell on Teth's age and prestige. We gotta get the Gozless Fragment and return Teth HOME where he belongs!

Putting Our Own "Fragments" Together

These are the clues we have:

Rastora had four pupils, but we learned of only three of them. They are King Minel, Teth, and Galbure. I wonder who was the other pupil?

We also know that Rastora entrusted a Chronus Fragment to each of his pupils, but not to Galbure. That means Teth and King Minel. Perhaps the unknown pupil received a Fragment? And maybe Rastora kept one in his own possession?

Or did yet another unknown person receive a Fragment?

So, is the Kiribay Fragment actually Teth's and not the Kingdom's? After all, the Fragment was given to Teth and he is the keeper of it. Or, rather he was the keeper of it until  Geppel showed up in Chronus Shrine...that fateful day when all this mystery began. There's no telling where the Kiribay Fragment may be now!

How do Geppel and King Milka factor into all this chaos? Why is Geppel close to Milka? What does Geppel want with Teth?

Teth showed up in Iatt. So he apparently isn't captured by Geppel. Are Geppel and Master Teth in cahoots with each other? Why? Does that mean Milka, Geppel, Teth, and Galbure are all working together to fulfill an evil plan? Or could it be that Geppel and/or Galbure did something to Master Teth's Spirit in Chronus Shrine?

So Teth always didn't have a will to avenge himself and bide his time to bring a terrible plan about stealing Kiribay's Fragment to fruition?

Why did Teth steal the Soul-mirror Orb from us, and how did he know we had it?  Musta been King Milka!  So both keepers-of-fragments have been working together?! Oh man! Is your head about to explode from all these questions?? 🤯

Up Ahead; The Forest of Trials, Dragon's Jaws, and Kazoo Tower

Now Cordea tells us that in order to get to Kazoo Tower we must pass through Dragon's Jaws. That sounds really scary and perilous!

Ooh, yay! Cordea will Reinforce our Ring! (Are you suddenly remembering that big chasm in Iatt Path we will be able to jump now? I wonder what secret is hidden over there!)

Oh, well. None of that just yet. We need materials from The Forest of Trials that will allow Cordea to Reinforce the Ring. We must fetch Golden Flowers from the deepest part of the forest if we want Cordea to perform the Reinforcement procedure. And we do!

To get to The Forest of Trials, go south from Iatt, and follow along the edge of the western mountain. There is a small lake between the mountain ranges. The Forest of Trials is adjacent to the lake.

Going through The Forest of Trials will get us some new materials to do more Reinforcements on our gear. When we return to Iatt, we'll be getting all kinds of Reinforcements. Look forward to it!