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Class Changes

Bet you're running right to the temple Priest for a Class change, huh? Make sure you read all about Class changes in 1OldTymer's "Class List" in the Walkthrough categories.  Look before you leap!

Have an idea of how you want the Class changes before you do them. Do you want a different Class on each party member at any given time? Do you want them changed at the same time, close together, or it doesn't matter? Do you want a particular spell first, or on a particular character first? Is there a Class that can wait?

Changing the Class of all three chars to Level-up simultaneously isn't something I recommend. Change Classes on 1-2 chars. Wait til they are Level 10-15 before changing the rest of the party.  If you're a braveheart, then just go for it! Increasing 10-15 Levels after a Class change, takes about 5 battles (± 1). Battle around Iatt or in Iatt Path.

Your characters will RULE THE WORLD!!!

(This claim has not been rigorously tested; nor is it necessarily supported by the managers of this website. Owners, operators, moderators, members, patrons, and affiliates, will not, and cannot, be held liable in any way for the outcomes produced by any gamer's Class change experiments or trials during the course of gameplay. JS.)
Note from MSG Commander

In order to get each character to their ultimate class, you will have to buy 5 Books of Discipline from the IAP Shop (for 50 points each), along with the Key to the Ancient Dungeons (for a one-time fee of 150 points).

You do earn CAP points for killing enemies - you just have to go to the shop in Kiribay and convert your "kills" to "points."


In one play-through, you WILL NOT earn enough points to buy all 5 Books and the Dungeon Key. You will have to sacrifice one for the other.

I recommend you buy ONE Book of Discipline right now, and then start saving your points for the Dungeon Key. You currently have one Book, and you'll soon have a second one. Buying one from the IAP Shop will allow you to change each character's class one time.

You can change two of them right away, and the third one after just one or two more locations - and then you should use the remaining books that you receive in-game to take one character (I chose Loka) all the way to their ultimate class.

Changing each character's class one time right off the bat will make a huge difference in how easy or hard the battles will be for the remainder of the game.

I recommend changing Loka to a Spell Soldier, and Sarna to an Artemis, and then change Kuril to a Rejuvenator as soon as you can - but, of course, you're free to do as you will.

If you choose to change Loka's class two times, then after Spell Soldier I recommend changing him to a Wizard. The Supernova skill he learns for mastering that class will be phenomenal in future Boss battles!

The "Class List" from 1OldTymer has all the skills and spells for each Class, and for the Level they are learned. Maybe that info will end up being deciding factors for how and when you choose Class changes.

The Temple Priest uses his own language to ask which Class you want.  This is the translation:


Spell Soldier = Warrior
Wizard = Sorcerer
Pious Mage = Cleric
Wandering Mage = Assistant


Amazoness = Warrior
Artemis = Sorcerer
Paladin = Cleric
Scout = Assistant


Superstrong Girl = Warrior
Witch Girl = Sorcerer
Rejuvenator = Cleric
Eccentric Girl = Assistant


Go ahead and check-in with the Guild.  They will give you Quests #28-33. One of the Duties is a boss-like enemy to suppress in Iatt Path. There is info about it in the Walkthrough under "Quests."


Info to be Heard 'Round Town

•Techniques were invented by an ordinary citizen. (Wouldn't you like to know who that was? I do!)

•"Special" people serve as Priests. (What do "Special" qualifications entail? Do we know anybody who is, or was, considered "special" and held the title of Priest?)

•There's an interesting man in the Tavern who likes to play poker. (You feeling up to a game of cards? Let's go meet him!)

•Why is the Soldier surprised that a great person who was a friend of King Minel is in Iatt?  I mean, the Young Woman at the front of the Inn makes it sound like all sorts of great people have come to Iatt throughout the generations. Also, how does the Soldier even know a friend of King Minel is in Iatt? We had to hear it from the King of Gozless!


•The Grand Sorcerer Knight, Rastora, was King Minel's teacher. (Like the way Master Teth is to Loka?)

•Rastora had four pupils, and each of the pupils were entrusted with a Chronus Fragment to protect it. (Who were they? Anybody we know? Or anybody who's still alive?  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Master Teth protects/protected Kiribay's Chronus Fragment, and King Milka protects the Gozless Fragment. That's gotta be a clue to something. No idea about the other two Fragments. We haven't heard anything about them yet.)

So, Cordea launched into a story about Chronus Fragments. But when the Heroes said they're looking for the Fragments, Cordea suddenly doesn't know anything about the Fragments! Grrrr!!

However, Cordea does offer his help to find out where the Fragments are located. Cordea needs a Soul-mirror Orb to see the locations of the Fragments. The Soul-mirror Orb once belonged to his late, dear friend, King Minel.

Soul-Mirror Orb

The catch to helping Cordea is, we have to find the Orb somewhere in Gozless kingdom. The kingdom? The WHOLE kingdom?? We can't narrow that down some?

The Soul-mirror Orb is an ancient orb that has been passed down for generations. ("Passed down" means King Milka has it now, right?)  We'll be going to see that charming man soon, I'm sure.



  1. Inn, nightstand: BGM: Sleep Well!
  2. Pot in front of weps shop: Superior Herbal Potion
  3. Pot outside of Blacksmith Shop: 110G
  4. House north of Item Shop: pot outside has Power Gem
  5. House north of weps shop: Revival Potion in nightstand
  6. Shrine, pot in East room: Ice Orb
  7. Shrine, west side: Superior Holy Water (That seems appropriate for a temple!)


  1. Flowgar
  2. Pargos
  3. Vlondie
  4. Flame Spear
  5. Ice Spear
  6. Thunder Spear
  7. Flame Breaker
  8. Ice Breaker
  9. Energy Breaker


Before heading back to Gozless, MSG Commander recommends you have:

  1. Great Sword
  2. Battle Lance +5
  3. Magical Hammer
  4. Plate Mail +2
  5. Steel Dress +2
  6. Gothic Robe +2