Kazoo Tower (Continued)

Written by Uninvented

Floating Floors and Fire Fiends

After passing the "GO" puzzle, we will go north into another room. This room is full of floating floors. No video. Just an explanation.

Watch out for the spell Heat Blast from the "Death Warlock." It's a powerful AOE attack.  Keep up your HP.

Go all the way north of the room. Jump over and set the block on the Switch. The Ghost will get in your way. Eliminate him. He's a nuisance.

Go to the middle floating floor. Then West. Swing to the north floor. Take the stairs going to 4F.


Go SE to get the Treasure and Mining spot, and SW to a second Mining spot, then go up the stairs.


The Crystal, The Ghost, and The Door

Shoot the Blue Crystal with your Ring. A Ghost will appear. Timing is important here. When the Ghost steps on the Switchpad, it will trigger the door to open. Be quick! Or you'll have to keep trying to time it properly. Gotta go through the door while the Ghost is on the Switchpad and before he "steps off" it.

Head SE through a wall opening.

Go north to a Mining point, then through the opening on the west side.

Hint: Go through NW door using NW Switchpad first. Then the rest will make sense.

There is a Treasure.

With the way open, go SW. Fight your way through the masses to get to the stairs.


Directly North in an alcove is a Treasure. There is also Mining on this floor.

Go NW to head downstairs to 5F.

You will find a Treasure chest.

Go back upstairs to SE steps that go up to 7F.


Changing Floors Puzzle Solution

Yep, got it! We are now on the 7th Floor, but we wanna be on the 8th Floor.


Before another "Happy Birthday" surprise happens, get yourself ready. Because its name is not "Puff!"


Tower Guard-dragon

Tower guard-dragon is weak against Ice, and strong against Fire.

So use Diamond Dust every chance you get.

Keep an eye on Sarna's MP, and don't be afraid to use a Strong Holy Water if you've got any.

Also, you may need to use a few Revival Potions.

When done in this room, "Leave" the Tower.

Geppel always knows where to be. But so do we! This time, he gave us a clue.  He mentioned Chronus Shrine.

Oh no. Oh no! Oh no!! That's where the Gates of Time are!!! Geppel is up to no good!


  1. Fruit of Strength
  2. Strong Herbal Potion
  3. Paralysis Cure
  4. 710G


  1. Fluffy Fur
  2. Light Fur
  3. Magic Elemental Crystal
  4. Magic Elemental Stone
  5. Magic Fragment
  6. Cursed Snakeskin
  7. Yellow Feather