Kazoo Tower

Written by Uninvented

Before entering Kazoo Tower, this is the gear the party had equipped:

Lv 41

Temistack +0
Mithril Armor +3
Strength Ring

Ream Technique
Tina Technique
Puris Technique

Lv 30

Holy Lance +3
Providence Dress +2
Regal Headband

Raream Technique
Raquon Tech

Lv 30
Witch Girl/Sorcerer

Transcendent Hammer +0
Magic Robe +2
Strength Ring

Ratina Technique
Quon Technique
Rapuris Technique

Kazoo Tower is a big place with lots to do. A video of its entirety wasn't done. The explanations below may be helpful. There are videos of some puzzles.


Go eastward from the Main Entrance. Then into the east corridor. There is a treasure to the north and a treasure to South.

Return to Main Entrance Room, and go through the NE exit.

That's it for this side of the tower. Return to Main Entrance and take the west corridor.


Kazoo Tower, 1F, West Room, Puzzle Solution

Main Entrance of Tower

Go down this corridor to reach the puzzle

Stand in front of this Switch ...

...and shoot it with your Ring

The spikes will lower into the floor so you can pass into the next room

Grab the (ceramic) pot

Place the pot on the floor switch

Exit through North doorway that is now open


After solving the puzzle, take the northern stairs to 2F.

Stay SE, then take the stairs to 3F. At the northern part of the room are two Treasure chests.

Return to 2F, and turn east around the wall. (On this floor, I added Geon Technique to Sarna. There are many thunder-based dragons on this floor. Adding Geon Tech to the Raream and Raquon Techs Sarna already had equipped, allowed for the Magic Spell "Freeze Wind" to do significant AOE damage to a mob.)

Go North through the center room to the end. Follow the path to a Treasure chest.

Take the adjacent westside stairs to 3F.


Kazoo Tower, 3F, Western Room, Puzzle Solution

Go North to go downstairs to 2F.

Head south to go upstairs to 3F. To the left is a puzzle. To the right is a doorway to another puzzle!

Go left.

Kazoo Tower, 3F again, West Room, Puzzle Solution

After completing the puzzle, keep going downstairs for a Treasure.

Return back upstairs and go through eastern corridor to the next puzzle.

Kazoo Tower, 3F, East Room, Puzzle Solution


  1. 1310G
  2. 550G
  3. 570G
  4. Protection Gem
  5. Fire Gem
  6. 605G
  7. BGM: Victory!
  8. Cureall
  9. Fruit of Speed


  1. Magic Elemental Stones


  1. Ninja's Outfit
  2. Kunoichi
  3. Imp Dress

Kazoo Tower Walkthrough continues in the next section.