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Long Time No See

Rush in to speak with the King! We have grave information to share with him that requires his immediate attention and action.

We are in the Throne Room. Cordea is there! Wha...??? Cordea has already informed the King of the impending doom. How'd Cordea...??

Cordea says how he "suddenly" had "a bad feeling" (...and came all the way from Iatt to mention something so vague to the King, based on a feeling? Hmmm.)

Even Loka questioned how Cordea came all that way. Before Loka can get his question answered, a conveniently occurring earthquake happens.

Oh no! Kuril says she heard demons. Could all this mean Galbure's plan is being put into action??

Yep! That's what it means. Cordea blurts out how Galbure invoked a Forbidden Technique. (He knows that, too?) Wait! There's more. Cordea says how Galbure wants human spirits to bring Rastora back to life during the Time Rewinding event.

(Hey! How does Cordea know all this stuff? Wasn't it only Geppel and Zars who knew it? Whose side is Cordea on, anyway?)

The King doesn't seem to have any suspicions about Cordea. In fact, the King seems quite comfy having Cordea at his side.

The King orders his soldiers to have the demons locked downstairs in the prison cells. The King doesn't want the monsters to harm or kill any of the human townspeople. It seems the King has a gentle soul.  He doesn't want to kill his people who have been turned into monsters.

He wants to save them.

Chronus Fragments and Time Rewinding

Cordea suggests to us to essentially beat the snot out of Galbure to stop him from turning more innocent Kiribayans into demons. Unfortunately, once a person becomes a demon, there is no way to change them back to their human form. Or, so we've been told.

Just then, Cordea gets an idea. The Chronus Energy may be able to return the altered states of people to normal, but it only can be done during the Time Rewinding event. However, we need all four Fragments to do it.

This is why Galbure needs the Chronus Fragments and will stop at nothing to get them.

His only option to bring Rastora back to life, as a human, not a monster, is to rewind time and have all four Chronus Fragments. One Fragment, which can rewind time, isn't enough to save a spirit from losing its humanity.

We must collect all four frags to keep them safe.  We will stop Galbure's plan to resurrect the long-deceased Rastora, and we will save the people and demons in Kiribay.

We need the Kiribay Fragment, the Gozless Fragment and the Kazoo Fragment. But where is the last one?  Where??!!??  We don't have much time!

Then the King speaks. He tells us the Kiribay Frag...


Gah! Interrupted again! By none other than Master Teth! *swoon*

😯 Was Teth the one who turned the townspeople into monsters?!? Or does he just so happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Please... No... Not Teth...😯

Teth demands that the Kiribay Fragment be turned over to him. Well, I suppose it really does belong to him after all.

Teth says the Forbidden Technique has been used. The world will end since every human will be turned into a demon! I hope it wasn't Teth who invoked the Forbidden Technique. Losing a spirit and human form like Teth would be such a waste!

Then Teth speaks of something so shocking!  He tells us he knows the Kiribay Fragment is a... a fake! Teth tells us to bring the real Fragment to the Chronus Shrine and go through the Gates of Time.

Has Teth returned to his normal self and decided to help us and prevent all the people from dying? Or is he threatening us? Or is this another trap to gain the real Fragment?

The Real Chronus Fragment

Sarna wants to know where the real Kiribay Fragment is. (Of course, so do we!) All this was just a wild goose chase for a phony Fragment! Somebody better come clean.  The King does.

The King asks Loka and Sarna ... Ten years ago during the last Houra Festival, do they remember any of the events that happened in the woods the day Loka's parents died?

Sarna remembers being severely injured, but that's all she can remember. Loka remembers the demons attacking, but he cannot remember anything more.

Collectively, all they can remember is the attack and their injuries. They have no recollection of anything that came afterward.

The King drops a bombshell. He says Sarna died that day. Sarna is shocked! Died?!?

The King continues to explain: the Time Rewinding event was just about to start, and the King wanted Teth to have Sarna brought back to life.

In order to bring a dead person back to life, (like what Galbure did with Rastora ... and what Teth was to do for Sarna) a Chronus Fragment had to be used and the spell Caster must use their own Spirit to cast a Forbidden Technique.

Master Teth used his Spirit to revive Sarna? The King ordered Teth to make that sacrifice? Is that why Teth joined Galbure? To avenge what the King made him do? Because he is spiritless and evil now?

Is that why Master Teth was so adamant with Loka about not invoking Forbidden Techniques, because he knows first-hand what will happen?! Awww! So Master Teth isn't human anymore?? 😢

Now, we learn that in order for Sarna to live, the real Kiribay Fragment had to be implanted inside her.

(Could that be why Galbure's Forbidden Technique didn't work on Rastora? Remember, Rastora didn't give Galbure a Fragment. Maybe a Fragment must be implanted in the deceased person in order to bring them back from the dead still in good human form.)

The King's Decision

Teth would know that Sarna has the implanted Fragment. He was the one who put it there!

If he's insisting that Kiribay's Chronus Fragment be brought to the Shrine and through the Gates of Time, then he's implying he will kill Sarna in order to retrieve the Fragment. The King must realize that, and an unfathomable dilemma is created for him.

Sacrifice his beloved daughter to a terrible death, with the hopes it will save the world? Or let every living being on the entire planet turn into monsters and demons and we all die terrible deaths?

We notice how sad and confused Sarna is. Who wouldn't be??

The King decides what to do. He states that Sarna must stay hidden in the castle. Galbure cannot get Sarna in his clutches. He will destroy her life. Then Galbure will collect all the Fragments, perfect his strength, and destroy everything on the planet anyway!

Sarna's Decision

Sarna will have none of it! The King insists that the kingdom needs its Princess. But Sarna contends there is no better reason for a Princess to fight than to save that very kingdom.

What better need could a kingdom have but to remain a free, prosperous and thriving kingdom?

Sarna is undeniably right about one thing: all the Fragments have to be together to return the people to normal. Sarna will not waver in her determination to find the final Fragment. She tells Loka and Kuril to come along with her.

Kuril is gung-ho. But, Loka... he's not looking so hot.

The Soldier interrupts (again) to inform the King that the demonized people have all been jailed. (That's impressive work.)

The Three Amigos

Sarna dashes out of the Throne Room. But not before telling everyone she's gonna have Geppel reveal to her the location of the final Fragment.

Kuril has no reservations about leaving with Sarna.  She notices Loka's apprehension. For a kinda dimwitted kid, Kuril makes a brilliant suggestion to Loka. If you can't decide what you should do, just choose the option you won't regret later. Then Kuril runs out of the room after Sarna.

The King ORDERS (hmph!) Loka to fetch Sarna and bring her back safely. The King tries to compel Loka to obey his order and see things his way. Even though Loka agrees with the King's logic, he refuses to follow the King's order! (Ooooh! And Loka is supposed to be a Sorcerer Knight of the castle??)

Loka chooses to fight alongside Sarna and Kuril. Loka wants a chance to save the world and (the ever-adorable) Master Teth.  Just as Sarna does.

Then ...


Everything Pieced Together

Cordea was Rastora's pupil! And he has the final Fragment! No wonder he knows so much.

(And lookie there! The final Fragment was in Iatt!)

Cordea realizes that without his Fragment, Loka and the girls cannot return all the people to normal. Nor can they avert a global disaster of epic proportions. So, Cordea gives his Fragment to Loka.

Finally! We have one Fragment in our possession! Loka is so happy! Yay!! The unknown location of the fourth Fragment is revealed and in our travel bag.

So... Rastora's pupils were Teth, King Minel, Cordea, Zars, and Galbure. The Chronus Fragments were bequeathed to Teth, King Minel, Cordea, and Zars. The Keepers, being entrusted with the Fragments, scattered them to the four corners of the earth.

The locations of the Fragments apparently wasn't too difficult for Galbure to deduce. He could find the Fragments rather easily and destroy the Keepers of them if necessary. Which, sadly, he did to Zars. Maybe something evil befell Teth, too, at the hands of Galbure.

We know Master Teth and Galbure have the Gozless and Kazoo Fragments. And now, the remaining half of the Fragments are about to walk right into Teth's and Galbure's hands! Let's hope this ends well for us.

But... um... we have no allies now. It's just Loka. Sarna and Kuril dipped.

Geppel's Atonement

As Loka leaves the castle, there is a cut-scene to Chronus Shrine.

We see Sarna, Kuril, and Geppel. Geppel does not have a Fragment (which the rest of us know now) but he does do something helpful for our party to collect the Fragments.

Geppel Reinforces the Ring so we can open the Gates of Time! We will find Master Teth and Galbure somewhere beyond the Gates. Teth and Galbure have the Fragments, after all. We must follow their trail.

Kuril still cannot forgive Geppel. She acknowledges that Geppel was under an evil spell, but she is terribly angry and hurt about how cruel and deceitful he was to her. Understandable. But... S.O.  W.H.A.T.!!!

Just look at what Geppel did for us! The capabilities of our Ring increased. Geppel did that so we can open the Gates of Time and defeat Galbure. He is doing everything he can to atone for what he had done. The redemption of self should grant Geppel clemency. At least it does for me!

Loka is here now.  Alrighty then! One. Two. Three.  The party is together again.

There's a big door in front of us.  Shall we?


You can return to Kiribay before going through the Gates if you need items and equipment Reinforcements.

Stock up on Poison Erasers!

Chronus Shrine, Gates of Time, B1F


Houra Bandana (sweet!)
Rageon Technique (sweet!)

There is a Warp Pad. We know what our only option is here.