Written by Uninvented

The opening scene is somewhat lengthy, but it is part of a long sequence of important events.  A number of significant things happen over the course of a decade that lead up to this scene and that happen because of this scene. We will gradually learn about the various people and events as the story progresses.

Two Young Friends

We are introduced to two young children who are friends: Loka and Sarna. The youngsters are standing outside of a small cabin in the woods.  Loka and Sarna are having a difference in opinions on what they want to do - and this won't be the last time they differ in thinking.

Of note, the children mention about the Houra Festival that is in progress and the Time Rewinding event that occurs on the last day of the festival - which is today! The Time Rewinding event is the common denominator for all the main players in the game.

While standing outside the house in the woods discussing what they want to do, the children are attacked by a demon. Loka's parents rush out of the house to save the children. Both parents are attacked and then the screen goes black.

Growing Up

Fast-forward 10 years, and the Houra Festival is about to begin again. Turns out, the Houra Festival occurs once every decade. It is an event that is greatly anticipated by people everywhere.

The festival culminates with the Time Rewinding. Everybody gets excited about the Time Rewinding since that is the day when precious things that are broken can be returned to their previous un-broken condition by the Houra god. Sounds nifty, doesn't it?

Loka is now a teenager, but he continues to dream "that old dream." Loka is plagued by nightmares because of the attack in the woods all those years ago. Loka confides to his Master Teth about the nightmares and that he can't remember how they end when he awakens. (Btw, is Teth available? I'm asking for a friend.)

Master Teth is a Sorcerer Knight, and he is quite a serious-looking dude. Despite his staunch nature, Teth is kind enough to allow Loka to pay a visit to Sarna before the two men leave the city for a mission related to the Time Rewinding. (We will get to see Master Teth smile only ONCE in the game. So, be looking forward to it!)

Learning Our Surroundings

Now is the time to explore the city. Let's gather intel from the townspeople and loot anything that looks suspect of hiding goodies. (See the lists at the bottom of each page for Treasure finds and Hidden items there are to be found.)

Don't expect much of anything exciting from "Treasure" chests in the game. It seems our ideas of what Treasures should be differs greatly from the dev's ideas. We get a number of Treasures that are Background Music (BGM).  They can only be played at the Main Menu, but I can't imagine someone wanting to do that over choosing their own playlist.

The Treasure finds of BGM can't be looped in the game even if you would happen to want to do such a thing with an in-game score. At any rate, the BGM finds are part of a Collection. So the BGMs we find will help to complete one of the Collections that are listed on the Main Menu.

The "Data" button on the menu screen is where we Save and Load our game. There are three available Save slots.


CAP Store

In the CAP Store, which is near the town entrance of Kiribay and Gozless, we can be rewarded with CAP (Chronus Arc Points) for IAP. There is an option we choose when we speak to the CAP Store shopkeeper. Choose "Convert to CA Points," and for every 10 enemies killed, we can get one CAP. Consider it to be like bounty hunting.

The Guild

The northeastern side of Kiribay city is where we find the Guild. There is a Guild in every town. The Guild Soldier at the desk will give us a list of Quests to complete.  Each individual Quest is called a "Duty." There are 46 duties to complete in the game.

In all towns except Kiribay, you will be given a set of Quests twice. So be sure to check back with the Guild in those towns when you complete the first set of Duties given to you from that town's Guild.

The Blacksmith

We learn that the Blacksmith Shop is where we Reinforce our weps and armor. During our exploration of the city, we learn that none of the businesses are open right now. We won't be buying, selling, or reinforcing anything just yet.

Gathering Intel

Talking to townspeople is boring at times, but it is also a way to learn needed info about our next move.

For example, in the Kiribay Guild, a Young Man tells Loka to go to "Rastora Forest" for training. Rastora Forest is NE of Kiribay. Going to the forest for training is an excellent idea, but we need a little more time to take care of other business before we get there.

We also need time to level-up in order to survive in Rastora Forest. At least you know that a trip to "Rastora Forest" is in your near future. You'll also recognize the name when you find the area when you roam the World Map.

Inns and Taverns are always the happening places for info to be exchanged. It is no different in this game, but it's to a lesser degree.

In Chronus Arc, there are certain, and sometimes unassuming, people you need to meet in order for the game to progress.  Sometimes, the people are at the Inn, and sometimes they are at the Tavern.

Explore everywhere and speak to everyone. You know the drill.

Your bed at home in Kiribay may be used at any time during the game to sleep/heal for free.

Wrapping it up

Go into the castle and speak with the King. The King confirms what you suspected about Loka's parents.

For now, all that can be done is done. Let's return to Master Teth who is waiting in our SE house. Master Teth wants us to head to Chronus Shrine now. Our mission is to collect a Chronus Fragment.  So let's go!


  1. Loka's house, nightstand: Herbal Potion
  2. Pot outside of IAP shop: 85 Gold
  3. Inn, upstairs left room: Fruit of Speed
  4. Pot outside Weapons Shop, next to man: Herbal Potion
  5. Pot inside Weapons Shop: Holy Water
  6. Pot outside Blacksmith's Shop: Herbal Potion
  7. House next to Blacksmith Shop, inside dresser: 25G
  8. Castle entrance, pot in East room: Power Gem
  9. Castle, SW room upstairs in dresser: BGM: 'A Fragment of Time.'