Milka’s Villa

Written by Uninvented


Just north of the main entrance is Kurius. Let's see what he has for us.

2F, West from Kurius

There is a Treasure with an Accessory item for Sarna.

1F, West Room

Two Treasure chests here.

1F, East Room

Defeat all the enemies. You won't have to do that again. The door will remain open after defeating all the enemies the first time.

2F, Puzzle Room

2F, West Room

We're in the last room of the Villa. What do you get for all your efforts? Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zip.

Don't worry. We must have forgotten that we need to return here a second time. We got some cool stuff this time. We'll return a little later.

Return to Gozless (or Kiribay) to recover and restock. I'll meet you at Leviathan Cave when you're ready to rumble.


  1. Regal Headband
  2. Raream Technique
  3. BGM: All Praise King Milka!


  1. Plate Mail
  2. Steel Dress
  3. Gothic Robe