Return to Kiribay

Written by Uninvented

The Adventure Begins

Some big, ugly guy tried to rob us. Sarna is being stubborn again. And now Master Teth is missing!! We're off to a great start! (For an RPG, not if that was real life.)

The Inn

Talk to the man inside the Inn. You cannot leave the city, nor can the game progress, unless you do.

You can't rest at the Inn.  That's only because your bed is free.

The Castle

Next stop: Kiribay Castle. As soon as you enter the castle, there will be a cut-scene with Loka, Sarna, and the King.  It doesn't matter how you answer the question. The outcome will be the same.

Sarna wants to visit a few people before leaving for Sein. So go ahead and do it. You can go to the Blacksmith Shop first since it's right outside the Castle.

The Blacksmith

This is where you'll meet the NPC, Kurius. Yes, it sounds like "curious." Hmmm. You're going to see a lot of him.

Kurius will give you your first Boost Manuals - Short Sword, Spear, Idol Hammer, Protector, Leather Vest, Idol Cloak, Ring of Power, Strength Ring, Intelligence Ring, and Spirit Ring. Every time you enter a new location, search for Kurius in order to obtain more Boost Manuals!

After the dialogue with Kurius and Sarna, see if you have enough mats for the smithy to Reinforce your weps and armor. Start with armor. The best defense is a good offense (First USA President, George Washington, 1799). The first priority in towns is Reinforcing equipment.

There is a good chance you may not have enough mats to Reinforce your weps and armor. Not unless you snuck in some grinding when you were supposed to get reinforcements from the King as Master Teth instructed.

Whether or not you can Reinforce, go ahead and check out the Blacksmith Shop. Take a gander at how the menu works and what options are available for when you are ready to utilize the smithy's services.

Check out 1OldTymer's help on Boost Manuals under "Hints and Tips" to learn more.

Item Store

If practical and affordable, buy some items such as Herbal Potion, Holy Water, Revival Potion, and Poison Eraser. Mostly Holy Water. You will use lots of Special Skills and Magic for battles and healing. Being able to replenish MP will be more valuable to you than anything else will be as you conquer dungeons.

Herbal Potion, restores 300 HP, 10G

Holy Water, restores 30 MP, 50G

Revival Potion, 500G

Poison Eraser, 20G

Kiribay is the only town in the world that sells Poison Eraser. Iatt and Bagas towns sell Cureall, but we don't arrive to those places till the middle or last half of the game. Cureall isn't necessarily needed that much, only rarely, and not till later areas. Medika spell does the same as a Cureall item.

Poison is the only affliction that lasts beyond the battle. Paralysis and Silence resolve when the battle ends. Poison Eraser comes in handy since there are many areas with enemies that can, and will, inflict Poison onto the party. Keep an ample supply of Poison Eraser on hand; and as much as affordable early in the game. You're gonna need it!

As long as you keep equipment Reinforced, you may not need many, or any, Revival Potions. One or two may come in handy for boss fights, but you shouldn't have to invest too much Gold into Revival Potions. Besides, you'll find some and some will be dropped by enemies.

The Guild

Stop by the Guild. Get your first set of Quests. Choose "Check Quests." You will receive seven Duties. For the most part, you can easily complete them. I recommend you wait a bit to do #6 since it is in Rastora Forest.  You need a little time before you'll be strong enough to go there.

Enemies get stronger in each upcoming area. Always be ready so the battles will not be a frustrating struggle. Even being properly prepared, the battles will present a little challenge.

If you go to Menu:Quests:Check Quests, you will see the Difficulty Level of the Quests. That may help you decide which ones to challenge. Although, the Quests typically aren't going to be over your head when you get them. If you click on the individual Quests in that menu, you'll get details about location, conditions, and reward.

Some Quests you can collect the reward for more than once. You can do the mini-boss Quests only once. That's a good thing. 'Cause those mini-boss fights are kinda tough. The kill-so-many-enemies and the collect-so-many-materials Quests are repeatable.

In Gozless, Iatt, and Bagas, you will be given a set of Quests twice. When you complete the first set, return to the Guild to "Check Quests" so you can receive the new ones that are available.

Take Heed

A word of caution about the collect-so-many-materials Quests:

The Guild takes the materials you collect. That's gonna hurt your feelings if you need those materials for Reinforcements. And Reinforcements will most likely be a priority over the reward. At least, they should be. Make sure you don't need the mats before you report the Quests as being completed.

An exception to that is if the reward is an upgrade in material, and it's an upgrade you need. For example, "gather 10 Iron Fragments to be rewarded for 1 Iron." Sounds like a rip-off, but if you don't need the frags, or if you have a bunch of frags, and you need that one piece of Iron for a Reinforcement, then you have a good deal to make.

Saying Goodbyes

Explore the city if you need to, and finish visiting the people Sarna wants to see.

Since you already went to see the smithy, you can go to the Tavern. Speak to the Woman there that Sarna wants to visit.

Next, go see the little girl who lives in the house next to the Inn.  Now you can go ahead and leave the city.

You're free to explore the world. That is, once you get the explorable areas unlocked. In the Menu, if you click the "Map" button, you can Warp to any previously visited locations, including dungeons, for free!

While you're around Kiribay and Chronus Shrine, complete the six-of-seven Quests. When done, return to the Guild and choose "Report Quests" to the Soldier behind the counter. Collect your Rewards.

When you're ready, go ahead and travel north-east from Kiribay to reach your next location, the Town of Sein.