Written by Uninvented

It's My Party

Sarna joined you for your trip to Sein to find out what's going on with Master Teth.  Sarna will be an incredible asset to the team.  She has exceptional healing skills. Just about any of her attacks, whether with weapon, skills, or magic, are powerful; sometimes, more powerful than anyone else in the party.


Before going to Sein, grind a little around Kiribay and in Chronus Shrine. You will need to collect more Gold and mats in those two areas in order to have equipment Reinforcements done for Loka and Sarna.  All the grinding you're going to do now will give you the necessary Strength to face upcoming enemies in the areas ahead of you.

Applies to both Loka and Sarna:

Weapon Reinforcement

1st Time: +7
2nd Time: +9
3rd Time: +10
4th Time: +12

Armor Reinforcement

1st Time: +15
2nd Time: +9

The Mining areas only respawn if you leave the dungeon and return. For Mining areas that are next to entrances that have mats you need, repeatedly exiting and re-entering the dungeon to mine will be nice, and smart, to do.

Also, when you destroy enemies in a room, they will respawn if you step out of the room and then return to it. That is helpful if you're trying to gain XP, if a mat you need is only dropped by a certain enemy and is not farmable, or if you're trying to kill a certain number of enemies to complete a Quest.

The Terrain

If you want, just poke your head in to Rastora Forest. Don't venture into it yet. You only wanna mark it on your World Map should you later decide to Warp there instead of walking to it.

Work your way to Sein before going to Rastora Forest or Elda Tower. Rastora Forest is NE of Kiribay. The Town of Sein is visible and just North of Rastora Forest. Elda Tower is right next to Sein. See the short video.

Activities in the Town of Sein

Speak to the man in the house next to the Tavern.
Speak to Kurius in front of the Tavern.
Speak to the Manager inside the Tavern.

The Blacksmith Shop will Forge Rings if you need the help to boost stats.

The Guild NE of town has six Quests for you. When those are complete, the Guild will then give you Duties #12, 13, and 16 for a second set of Quests.

Remember, whichever town's Guild gives you a set of Quests, is the town where you need to report the Quests as completed. Even though you report Quests as completed, they will remain open and active. As you have more random encounters and gather more materials, you'll be able to cash-in on the Quests again if you've met the conditions of them.

You'll notice that the Quests for collecting materials and suppressing enemies will continuously gain you rewards if you take the time to report them.

Hitting the Road Again

You're told that Sein is located between Kiribay and Gozless. So ... If Kiribay is to the South .... Guess what's to the North?  Good info.

Looks like Elda Tower is our next stop. You feeling up to the task? Rested, Reinforced, and Ready?


  1. Inn, nightstand: BGM: It's Drinking Time!
  2. House east of Tavern, pot: Herbal Potion
  3. Pot outside of house that is west of the Inn: Fruit of Strength
  4. Inside Item Store: Cureall
  5. NW house, nightstand: Thunder Gem
  6. Pot outside of Blacksmith Shop: 112G


  1. Long Sword
  2. Battle Lance
  3. Cutie Hammer
  4. Wind Ring
  5. Stamina Ring
  6. Magic Ring
  7. Fortune Ring