Sidesia Cave

Written by Uninvented

We're getting deep into the gobbledy-goop already.  We're only in the beginning of the game; and we've traveled so far from our home in Kiribay. You've done so much in such a short time!  Having fun?  Then let's not stop.  There are some baddies to stomp in to the dust! And we gotta find Master Teth. I miss lookin..., erm, my friend really wants to see him again.

Ready Yourself

Like it's been mentioned before, enemies get considerably more difficult in new areas. Before you get to Sidesia Cave, complete Quests and grind to level-up if you're not feeling too confident about your team's abilities right now.

Here's a map of the immediate area and where we'll be traveling about for a short time.

Purchase three Protection Gem from the Item Shop. You will need them since they will be quite useful in keeping your team alive for a Boss Battle.

We will need Poison Eraser in the cave. In fact, we're going to need Poison Eraser for all the dungeon crawls we do.  The enemies are venomous, at the very least.



Go through two small rooms until you come to a large room. Upstairs is Kurius. Let's go see him.

Kurius nailed it: can't find the stairs that lead down from this level. There aren't stairs anywhere.

Can you find the stairs? If not, we have the solution here for you.

Here's the entire cave's puzzle solutions. Neatly wrapped up into one video.


The first room has a variety of enemies. Some Treasures and a little bit of Mining to do.

The next room, to the SE, has a puzzle. There are a couple enemies that are very difficult to sneak past in the SE Room; but you're welcome to try.

Before entering the northern doorway that is unlocked from solving the puzzle, go into the eastern room to get the treasure: Geon Technique. Equip it if you'd like.

The Newly Unlocked Northern Room

Now enter the newly unlocked room. There will be a boss battle with Geppel and his henchmen: two Gozless Soldiers.  Be prepared.

Upon entering the room, we hear some curious and puzzling things Geppel says as we eavesdrop:

"everything is done here" (What does 'everything' entail, exactly?)
"return to the castle" (Which castle? Why? What's his plan?)
and...taking luggage with them?? (Going on vacation? Fleeing the country? Stealing and trading Top Secret goods? Espionage? Blackmail?)

We step forward and give Geppel the Third Degree.  Geppel denies knowing anything about Master Teth despite Loka's pressure & intimidation tactics. I guess that means we can't ogle Mast...

....heh  This is embarrassing. So let's forget about it.

We have to fight Geppel. No two ways about it.



386 EXP
330 Gold

For the first round of battle, use passive measures. Look at those muscles on Geppel. I promise, he hits hard!

(You could use Magic spells instead of Special Skills if your Techniques will give your chars the boost they need to hit harder and heal better.)

Start with Loka's Special Skill, "Battle Whistle" on himself. Have Sarna and Kuril use the consumable item "Protection Gem" on themselves.

For the second round of battle, Loka uses his Special Skill "Lightning Slash" (or Magic spell "Thunderball") against a Gozless Soldier. Sarna will heal. Kuril uses a "Protection Gem" on Loka.

Round Three: Loka uses "Lightning Slash" (or Magic spell "Thunderball") on the next Gozless Soldier.

Focus on Just One Now

The Gozless Soldiers should be slain now. Lock on to Geppel. He is strong against Ice. (Which is okay. Have Sarna heal, buff, and debuff.) Geppel is weak against Fire and Lightning. That works out nicely in our favor.

When the battle is over, Kuril tells us that Geppel is the Chief of the Knights of Gozless. Since that's the case, Geppel is more likely to be heading in a certain direction: west. That is the direction to get to the city of Gozless. (Actually, Gozless is NW.)

My, my, my! For such a young girl, how does Kuril know so much about some outlaw like Geppel? Back at the Tavern, Kuril sounded as if she wasn't sure if Geppel was the Chief of Knights. Now she speaks about it with confidence. 🤔

Preparing for the Other Side of the Mountain

As you'd expect, Loka has the wild idea to follow Geppel. In order to get to Gozless, we must follow the path that leads there: the Gozless Path.

Gozless Path is directly west of Sidesia Cave. The Path and Sidesia Cave are embedded into the same mountainside.

Gozless Path has a number of twists and turns. The mountain path can be confusing at first, but it really doesn't take much to get through it.

The path has some poisonous and strong enemies. The Mining sites are cool. We'll get a lot of good materials and experience along the path.

We need to be prepared: Rested, Restocked, and Reinforced. Gozless Path has all OP enemies from the game!

Haha.  Just kidding about "from the game."

Ready? Then grab your backpack that's full of Holy Water and Poison Eraser. We're going hiking!


  1. Poison Eraser
  2. 100G
  3. Geon Technique
  4. BGM: Compassion is Near


  1. Iron
  2. Beautiful Leather
  3. Fur
  4. Serpent's Scale


  1. Flame Sword
  2. Flame Lance
  3. Heat Hammer
  4. Flame Guard
  5. Heat Vest
  6. Heat Cloak