The Forest of Trials

Written by Uninvented

The video will get us through all of The Forest of Trials.

On the way to The Forest of Trials, your max gear should be:

Loka: Great Sword +0, Plate Mail +2

Sarna: Power Lance +0, Steel Dress +2

Kuril: Cutie Hammer +5, Gothic Robe +2

Your equipment should include (whether equipped or not):

Ream Technique
Raream Technique
Tina Technique
Ratina Technique
Geon Technique
Quon Technique
Puris Technique
Optional: Strength Ring x2

If you do not have all those Techniques, then you missed them and you'll need to backtrack to retrieve them.

After completing the west side of The Forest of Trials, you may have enough mats to Reinforce to higher levels that you previously couldn't do. Besides, you may need to "Leave" to rest and replenish before traversing through the eastern side of the forest.

Check out 1OldTymer's Materials List to see the local availability of mats. You can then max out your equipment as high as it will go until you reach the next area, which is Dragon's Jaws.


Return to Iatt.  Collect your 2nd set of Quests from the Iatt Guild: Duties #34-38. Included in the new Quests are three for mini-boss suppression. One in Iatt Path and two in The Forest of Trials. Perfect! We have to return to both places anyway to jump the wide chasms.

Give the Golden Flowers to Cordea. You will find he is still in the Tavern. With the Golden Flowers, Cordea will be able to Reinforce your Ring to jump wider chasms. Cordea tells you, "The magic power of your ring is now effective over a greater distance."

We know what that means! Let's head to the following chasms to jump over them:

(1) Iatt Path, West side: east exit from 2nd screen. At SE edge, jump over chasm.

Treasure: Poison Break (Accessory)

(2) The Forest of Trials, west side: North from 1st screen, east from 2nd screen. Jump chasm.

Treasure: Book of Discipline.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now you have two!

Coming out of The Forest of Trials, and before heading into Dragon's Jaws, my chars had each gone through two Class changes. These were their stats:

Lv 2
Previously: Spell Soldier/Warrior

HP: 2510
PWR: 184
STR: 279
SPD: 194
INT: 330
ATK: 782
DEF: 805
MATK: 453
MDEF: 412

Great Sword +3
Mithril Armor +1
Strength Ring

Ream Technique
Tina Technique

Lv 29
Previously: Paladin/Cleric

HP: 2612
PWR: 224
STR: 286
SPD: 327
INT: 298
ATK: 867
DEF: 799
MATK: 467
MDEF: 488

Power Lance +3
Providence Dress +1
Regal Headband

Raream Technique
Raquon Technique

Lv 3
Previously: Witch Girl/Sorcerer

HP: 2728
PWR: 243
STR: 276
SPD: 161
INT: 260
ATK: 830
DEF: 726
MATK: 412
MDEF: 434

Magical Hammer +3
Magic Robe +1
Strength Ring

Ratina Technique
Quon Technique
Puris Technique

Kuril, our geography pro, tells us that Dragon's Jaws is quite a bit south from Iatt - on the southern edge of the continent. We better get trekking!


  1. Fire Orb
  2. BGM: No Retreat!
  3. 300G
  4. Raquon Technique
  5. 700G
  6. 1080G
  7. Paralysis Cure
  8. 420G
  9. Fruit of Power
  10. Golden Flowers
  11. Superior Herbal Potion
  12. Book of Discipline (not til Cordea Reinforces your Ring)


  1. Deluxe Fur
  2. Fluffy Fur
  3. Beautiful Scale
  4. Large Horn
  5. Steel
  6. Magic Fragment


  1. Steel Armor
  2. Mithril Armor
  3. Protection Dress
  4. Providence Dress
  5. Battle Dress
  6. Magic Robe
  7. Liveliness Ring
  8. Black-edged Glasses
  9. Ion Ring
  10. Crimson Ring
  11. Crystal Ring
  12. Lightning Ring


Before heading to Dragon's Jaws, MSG Commander recommends you have:

  1. Great Sword +3
  2. Power Lance +3
  3. Magical Hammer +3
  4. Mithril Armor +1
  5. Providence Dress +1
  6. Magic Robe +1