The Importance of Grinding

Written by MSG Commander

(Pardon the interruption...)

Chronus Arc is one of those Hit Point games you either love or hate, based on whether or not you can get into all the grinding, resource mining, and equipment reinforcing that is necessary in order to beat the game.

Pretty much every time you get to a new area, you'll want to mine enough resources to reinforce your gear as high as you possibly can. (Otherwise, you'll hit enormous difficulty spikes, and may not be able to progress through the next upcoming dungeon.)

Along with mining and reinforcing, it is absolutely essential that you find Kurius in every location, and get all of the Boost Manuals from him. Boost Manuals are the ONLY way you'll be able to obtain stronger weapons and armor, so collecting them is not optional!

Along with mining for resources, you should also complete every Quest available in every Guild. The good news here is that many of the quests for enemy suppression are repeatable and offer a pretty high payout - and since you'll be killing the enemies anyway while you're mining for resources, the extra Gold from these suppression quests will help you reinforce all your gear.

If you take the time in every new town or dungeon to upgrade your equipment as much as you possibly can, your overall gaming experience will be much smoother - and you'll actually stand a chance of defeating most bosses on the first attempt.

In order to minimize the amount of time you'll spend mining resources, I recommend you follow the path in Trees for Strongest Equipment in the Game. Throughout the walkthrough I've included "Reinforcing" segments on certain pages, listing out where your equipment should be before you move on to the next location.

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