Underground Path

Written by Uninvented

Before coming to the Underground Path, leave Chronus Shrine. Your party will need to gain some Strength for the upcoming battles.  You're nearly at the game's end. The boss battles that remain are brutal and deadly if you're ill-prepared for them.

I'd like to recommend that you complete Duties #44 - 46, which are included in the last Quests you receive in the game.

When you first arrive in Bagas, the Guild only gives you Duty #39. When you return to the Guild, they will give you #40-46 which are challenging and fun to do. Completing these Quests will greatly help you for what lies ahead.

Also, make sure you have plenty of Holy Water and Poison Eraser. You don't want to have to Leave and come back because your HP or MP gets too low.

Once in the Underground Path ...

This is not a big or confusing dungeon. Be careful for the Black Knight's "Blackend" spell.  It hits hard!


First, go north a few screens, until you're in a place where the path diverges. Take the path to the west, and solve the puzzle on the next screen to get a Document of Attainment!

1F, West Room

Since you just started in the tunnel, you won't lose any progress in the dungeon if you "Leave" now. If you're in need of using the Document of Attainment, now would be a good time to do it.

Now go back to the main room, and find the path that goes to the east. Get the two treasures and the Mining point, then go back to the main room.

Hit the Mining point here, then continue to the north.

Once you enter into the north room, you gotta kill 'em all.  This isn't a dead end.

Go north again, and then take the east path.

East Room Puzzle Solution

Get the two treasures in the room to the south, then go back two screens, and take the path to the west.

Get the two treasures and the Mining point in this room, then take the northeast exit.

Get the treasure in this room and make sure to talk to Kurius! Then continue on to the east.

Set the right block, then set the left block. Go downstairs.


Grab the treasure and the Mining spot.

Go west. Solve the puzzle.

Go north, get the Mining point, and go up the stairs.


Go east to get another Treasure.

Now return to the previous room and go west. (And be prepared for another Boss battle.)

Whoz ya daddy??



10K XP
Father's Plume

Zars is weak against Loka's Supernova attack. He is strong against Kuril's fire attacks.

This battle is really, really hard if you're under-leveled. Watch everyone's HP and MP throughout, and have one character act as support/healer while the others hit Zara with the strongest attacks they've got.

Kuril couldn't meet her father the way she wanted. She did the best thing for him that ever could have been done.  In return, she was able to hear his voice and words of thanks.

Galbure's Tower is your next destination once you exit the Underground Path. Enter and exit the Tower to mark it on your map if you need to go rest, restock & Reinforce first.


  1. Document of Attainment
  2. Revival Potion
  3. Fire Orb
  4. Fruit of Luck
  5. 840G
  6. 2160G
  7. Deluxe Herbal Potion
  8. Raltina Technique
  9. Fruit of Spirit
  10. Fruit of Power


  1. Pearl Crystal
  2. Cursed Snakeskin
  3. Fluffy Fur
  4. Transparent Scale
  5. Light Fur
  6. Alloy
  7. Magic Fragment
  8. Magic Elemental Crystals


  1. Providence Armor
  2. Magic-breaker Dress
  3. Maid Dress

Note about the Ancient Dungeons

If you're planning on doing the Ancient Dungeons, and you should, now would be the perfect time for them! The grinding for EXP and mats in the Ancient Dungeons will give you a much-needed boost to battle the enemies and Bosses in Galbure's Tower and beyond.

Note from MSG Commander

You may need to do some additional grinding still in order to earn the 150 IAP for the Ancient Key. I arrived at this point with fewer than 50 points. (After buying one Book of Discipline in the IAP Shop back in Iatt.)


Note: After completing the Underground Path, you should be able to reinforce your armor to get them all to +3. But to get the armor beyond that, you need the Boost Manuals in Galbure's Tower.

More Importantly: In Galbure's Tower very close to the entrance is a Mining point that drops Alloy on a consistent basis. Meaning, if you enter the Tower, hit the Mining point, then Leave the tower and re-enter, you can quickly mine the 15 Alloys you need to get each weapon to +2! (Plus, by the end of Galbure's Tower you should have it even better than that.)