Duties 36 & 37: Red and Blue Devils in the Forest

Written by Uninvented

These are Duties #36 & 37 received within the second batch of Quests from Iatt. This time, we're better off going to The Forest of Trials before going to Iatt Path. The Iatt Path Quest (Duty #38) is quite a bit harder than this one.

There really isn't much to report about these Devils that you don't already know about Fire & Ice enemies.  Use any appropriate attacks during battle.

Both Devils give

3350 EXP
Large Horn x2

The only difference in what you receive is what comes from the Guild.  

Red: 2000G
Blue: 2200G

Duty #36: The Red Devil is located along the eastern path from the main entrance.  Go through the first western exit, which is behind where the two boulders were when we first entered the forest.

Duty #37: The Blue Devil is located along the western walk from the main entrance. Hop the waterfall.  Go North to the next screen. Then take the narrow path on the NW side that goes North.