Duty 15: Mountain Hunt Demon

Written by Uninvented

There is a house at the end of the Forest. The Guild in Sein will give you a Quest to defeat an enemy here. That's the only thing happening with this house.

Doesn't the house have a familiarity to it?  (I wonder if the Brutal Messiaen is the demon that attacked Loka's parents and the children 10 years ago? Or maybe it's a descendant of it? Or maybe this isn't the house we saw 10 years ago.  Ah, my mind is wandering too deep into the game.)

The Quest is for Mountain Hut Demon. Your Duty is to slay the "Brutal Messiaen."


You may not have Quon Technique by now, but you can easily get it. You should get it. Follow these steps:

(1) Go to the town of Sein. Speak to the man in the house right next to the Tavern. Then go into the Tavern and speak with the Manager. (This gives you "clearance" to explore Elda Tower. If you don't do these things, a guard in the tower won't let you pass.)

(2) Go into Elda Tower and go through the east door. You have to solve two puzzles along the way, but at the end of it all is the Quon Technique.  Fortunately, there isn't one enemy along that path. So go grab the Q-Technique in the Treasure chest!

Now that you have Quon Technique, equip it to Sarna. It allows her Magic "Ice" spell to multi-attack. That will be an incredible help for your team since the battle with the "Brutal Messiaen" is your first "unboss battle."

Loka does well attacking with "Thunderball." Fortunately, the demon uses heal and buff spells. That gives you a couple rounds to get a head-start on attacking.

50 Exp
Sharp Talon
(Plus 800G from the Sein Guild for completing the Quest)