Duty 38: Mountain Path Monster Bird 2

Written by Uninvented

I think this is what they meant about getting pecked to death. Good luck! This is worse than a scene from The Birds or Damien.

Enter Iatt Path from the West. Jump across the wide chasm.  Take note of the enemy's name - it has "teth" in it.  Just remember what happens to us every time we come across that name lately.

Don't "chicken" out now!  We have a very special drop to get from this foul fowl.

Monster Bird Golteth

3800 EXP
Book of Discipline
(Plus 2600G from Iatt Guild)

You'll need to start with buffs and debuffs.  Hopefully your team will be fast enough to do them before Silence is inflicted upon all of you. But you most likely won't be.

Start with Loka's Dragon Wrath (if he is a Warrior Class), Sarna's Guard Assist, and Kuril's Power Spoil. (As long as Sarna has Geon Technique equipped, and Monster Bird Golteth doesn't Silence her, she can cast Guard Assist for the entire team.)

You will need "Cough Sweet" and/or "Cureall" to remove the never-ending Silence spells Golteth places upon the party.  Loka's Dragon Thunder and Sarna's Heal Zone (if she has the Paladin Class) are very useful in this battle.  Since Golteth is highly susceptible to Fire, you definitely want Kuril attacking.

I didn't have a chance to use any other spells.  So I don't know how Physical and Ice attacks work against Golteth.