Adventurer’s Cave 1F-4F

Written by MSG Commander


The Adventurer's Cave is located on a small island west of Dodracka.

The best time to come here is after you've obtained the flying ship from Moff, but before you go to the Tower of Darkness.

(Unless you have a really good strategy for the final boss, you'll probably want to do some grinding here first - at least enough to get all the treasure on the first 4 floors.)

Before you enter the Adventurer's Cave, go the IAP Shop and buy a Bandit's Crest. With that accessory equipped, every monster you defeat will drop an item, and the Teppan in here drop Fruit of Vitality like it's candy.

There's no easy, straight path through the Adventurer's Cave. No matter which direction you start in, you will have to do some backtracking to get all the treasure.

So, get yourself a snack or a beverage, and find a comfortable spot - you're probably going to be in here for awhile.


When you reach the 4th Floor, there are three treasure chests and a sign that says, "Only one treasure box has treasure in it."

Well, before you start opening the boxes, be sure to check everyone's HP and AP, and Save your game.

The box on the right warps you to the northeast corner of the 4th Floor, so there's really no reason to bother with that one.

The box in the middle has the treasure - it's a Force Ring. (Also, once you open the chest, it activates a portal to the 5th Floor, so you can continue to explore the dungeon.)

The box on the left has a demon, which you can fight if you want to.

Boss Battle

Great Trial

  • 40,000EXP/250Gold
  • drop Holger's Crest
  • steal Finest Herb

Boy not much Gold from this one huh? Well the 40k Exp makes up for that I guess.

He's strong against Holy (sigh), so use Death magic if you've got it. Throw skills (like Meteor Explosion) also work really well. Thunder and Fire magic also do okay.

Maps by Old Chuck


  • Mandragora
  • drop Supreme Herb
  • steal Power Coin
  • Medusa Bat
  • drop All-purpose Cure
  • steal All-purpose Cure
  • Metal Fist
  • drop Djinn's Bracelet
  • steal Gold Bracelet
  • Mythril
  • drop Damascus
  • steal Congealing Liquid
  • Teppan
  • drop Fruit of Vitality
  • steal Supreme Herb


  • T1 - Finest Herb
  • T2 - Fruit of Mind
  • T3 - Fruit of Sorcery
  • T4 - Fruit of Agility
  • T5 - Fruit of Strength
  • T6 - Finest Holy Water
  • T7 - Damascus
  • T8 - Fruit of Technique
  • T9 - Fruit of Vitality
  • T10 - Fruit of Technique
  • T11 - Fruit of Strength
  • T12 - Dress of Good Fortune
  • T13 - Armor of Good Fortune
  • T14 - Fruit of Mind
  • T15 - Little Devil Dress
  • T16 - Fruit of Vitality
  • T17 - Divine Nectar
  • T18 - Fruit of Sorcery
  • T19 - Lord's Robe