Adventurer’s Cave 5F-10F

Written by MSG Commander


Again, there's no easy, straight path through here that will get you to the end and get you every treasure. So you'll have to do a bit of backtracking if you want to give everything.

The maps are marked as well as I was able to do, but the important thing is they do show the location of every treasure in the cave.

10F Boss

On the 10th Floor of the Adventurer's Cave, there are 4 treasure boxes.

The box on the far left has one boss - Shiropan - who you do not want to mess with unless you're a very high level. So skip that one for now.

The second box from the left has a Pure White Necklace. (Opening this box will also activate a portal back to the entrance.)

The other two boxes both warp you to the southwest corner of the 10th Floor.

Boss Battle


  • 200,000EXP/18,000G
  • drop Damascus
  • steal Finest Holy Water

This is one nasty Boss! He seems to be strong against all magic, and on his first turn he casts a spell that heals him for 4500 HP each turn thereafter - so you'll need to be well prepared before you take him on...

Maps by Old Chuck


  • Alles
  • drop Golem Suit
  • steal Bronze Stone Shield
  • Apocalypse
  • drop Stun Knuckle
  • steal Iron Clogs
  • Demon Sword
  • drop Raven Sword
  • steal Black Darkness Stone
  • Dragon Zombie
  • drop Divine Nectar
  • steal Dragon's Scales
  • Dullahan
  • drop Fruit of Strength
  • steal Gold Bracelet
  • Hell Priest
  • drop Water Mirror Earring
  • steal Supreme Holy Water


  • T1 - Liz's Crest
  • T2 - Fruit of Sorcery
  • T3 - Fruit of Strength
  • T4 - Fruit of Agility
  • T5 - Allen's Crest
  • T6 - Fruit of Vitality
  • T7 - 30,000G
  • T8 - Fruit of Technique
  • T9 - Fruit of Technique
  • T10 - Earth Crest
  • T11 - Fruit of Vitality
  • T12 - Fruit of Technique
  • T13 - Luke's Crest
  • T14 - Kihel's Crest
  • T15 - Fruit of Strength
  • T16 - Fruit of Sorcery
  • T17 - Fruit of Agility
  • T18 - Fruit of Mind
  • T19 - Fruit of Agility
  • T20 - Fruit of Sorcery
  • T21 - Fruit of Vitality
  • T22 - Fruit of Mind
  • T23 - Fruit of Strength
  • T24 - Fruit of Technique
  • T25 - Fruit of Vitality
  • T26 - Fruit of Mind
  • T27 - Fruit of Agility
  • T28 - Fruit of Strength
  • T29 - Fruit of Technique
  • T30 - Fruit of Sorcery
  • T31 - Dragon Scales Dress
  • T32 - Dragon Hammer
  • T33 - Dragon God's Sword