Extended Scenario

Written by MSG Commander

After you've defeated the Demon King, watched the credits, etc., etc...

From the Title Screen, choose "Continue."

The game will load and you'll be in the throne room in Rodwaal. Talk to the King. He says how wonderful everything is now that you've defeated the Demon King - but for some reason, there's still a bit of darkness to be dealt with.

If you talk to the King's Aide, he says he senses a bit of dark magic from Fura - so it looks like you need to go check things out there.

Side Quest

When you enter the Kindgom of Fura, and before you return to the Crystal World, talk to Matt outside the castle. Apparently to the rest of the world, the crystal ball in the castle here is still broken, but Matt has an idea on how to fix it...

Side Quest solutions

The court sorcerer that Eppol knows about is none other than the witch, so go talk to her in the Forest of Illusions to continue this side quest.

Then go to the Lost Kingdom of Fura, and go east to the training cave. Examine the wall in the back of the cave to activate a hidden portal, then follow the path and get the Crystal.

Now go back and talk to Matt again.

Now go to the Sacred Grotto, to the room with the large red crystal. Now go back to Matt again.

Note: Once Rudee re-appears, you can put her in your party. If you do there’ll be an extra scene after you defeat the final boss.

Also, if you do put Rudee in your party, you won’t be able to remove her in any tavern, so you will have to adjust your team accordingly.

In the Kindgom of Fura, examine the crystal ball leading back to the Crystal World. If you touch it, you'll be transported to the Crystal World.

(You can come back to the real world by entering the training cave, or by going to the Main Menu and tapping "Leave.")

In the Crystal World, Gova has warped the world, and you're now in a maze of different screens from various dungeons you've been to in the real world.

Note: the enemies here are the same as the ones you encounter in the upper levels of the Adventurer's Cave.

In the Sacred Grotto screen, there's one treasure - Joker.

In Stacia's room, examine the painting on the wall.

In the Frozen Mountain Path, follow the screen to the east to find Leon's sword - Force Blade (which is far superior to the Dragon God's Sword!)

Then go to the mountain's summit, and step on the portal to enter the castle, and a scene with Gova and Leon. After that scene you get to fight Gova.

Boss Battle


For strategies on how to defeat Gova, check this forum post.