Water Temple 4F-7F

Written by MSG Commander

Get to the stairs at the bottom of 3F where Eppol tells you the magic power becomes stronger beyond that point, and take them up to Room One (4F). Check this page if you need a refresher on how to get to this point.


Go north to Room Two, then north again to Room Three to get a Blue Vest. Now go back to Room Two, and go all the way to the southeast to stairs up to Room One (5F). Get the treasure - Divine Nectar - and look at the mirror, then go back to 4F.

Follow the path all the way to the southwest, back to Room One. Take the stairs up to Room Two (5F).


Follow the path to the east to Room One, and get the Fruit of Agility. Now go back to Room Two and take the path in the northwest to Room Three. Go east to Room Four and look at the mirror, then go back to Room Two.

Follow the path to the stairs up to Room One (6F).


Go north to Room Two and look at the mirror. (This will clear the way to 7F, but first there's more treasure on the lower levels.)

Go north of the mirror, and down to 5F. Go east, and follow the path to the next room. Get the Fist of Darkness, then take the stairs down to 4F. Get the 8300G, then take the stairs all the way to the east, and follow that path until you're back on 6F.

Go south to Room One (6F), then take the dry path around to the other northeast exit. Before you take the stairs to 7F, go south to get a Water Mirror Earring.

Now heal your party, Save your game, and then go up the stairs. As soon as you do, there's a Boss battle.


Boss Battle

Guardian of the Temple

The Guardian is strong against Holy magic, and weak against Death. Also, Adamantine Fist will do a ton of damage (as well other Smash-type skills).

If you're a high enough level, this battle will only take a few rounds - but be sure to watch everyone's health, and use an All Full-Cura if necessary.

After the battle, there's two treasures you can claim - Holy Knight's Sword, and Gold Mail.