Advanced Class Skills

Written by MSG Commander

God of Battle

Prereqs: Advanced Knight, Advanced Fighter

% Skill Effect Cost
Kicks Whirlwind Attribute: Strike 28
62 Divine Devil's Fighting Spirit Effect: ATK+ 20
75 Meteor Explosion Attribute: Throw, Effect: Terror (all enemies) 72
87 Adamantine Fist Attribute: Smash, Effect: Terror 68
100 Character Specific Attribute: Slash/Strike, Multiple attack 80


Prereqs: Advanced Sorcerer, Advanced Thaumaturgist

% Skill Effect Cost
17 Earthquake Attribute: Earth, Effect: Terror (all enemies) 46
33 All Full-Cura Effect: Restores HP (all allies) 40
51 Force Veil Effect: Halves magic (all allies) 32
66 Air Slicer Damage to aerial enemies+ (all enemies) 52
84 Elementara Attribute: Fire/Ice/Thunder, Multiple attack 65
100 Blaze Rondo Attribute: Fire (all enemies) 80

God Hand

Prereqs: Holy Knight, Magic Fighter

% Skill Effect Cost
7 Dragon Scales DEF+, Halves physical 16
30 Crusade Hearts Attribute: Holy, Effect: Silence (all enemies) 38
54 Rising Force Effect: Restores HP every turn (for battle only) 24
77 Elemental Blow Attribute: Fire/Ice/Thunder, Multiple attack 77
100 God Hand Attribute: Strike, Effect: Absorbs HP 92


Prereq: Assassin

% Skill Effect Cost
16 Blade Smash Attribute: Slash, Effect: ATK- 20
30 Gaze Effect: Terror 18
46 Mental Concentration Effect: Critical+ 23
70 Swallow Counter Damage to aerial enemies+ 44
100 Rakshasa Blade Attribute: Slash, Effect: Instant Death, Multiple attack 72

Ancient King

Prereq: Seeker

% Skill Effect Cost
23 Magical Sword Veil Attribute: Death, Effect: Lead 28
30 Miasma of Another World Effect: MDF- (all enemies) 26
35 Black Sheep Attribute: Death (all enemies) 72
100 Lord Nightmare Attribute: Death, Effect: Instant Death, Multiple attack (all enemies) 85