Enemy List

Written by Old Grinder

# Name Location Drop Steal
1 Pancho
  • Rodwaal
  • Grotto of Magic Stones
  • Aristo
Herb Herb
2 Gango
  • Rodwaal
  • Path to Fura
  • Aristo
Herb Herb
3 Cabat Grotto of Magic Stones Antidote Antidote
4 Forest Pancho
  • Path to Fura
  • Deep Green Forest
Herb Quality Herb
5 Rudee (Boss) Lost Kingdom of Fura Fruit of Sorcery N/A
6 Goblin
  • Aristo
  • Deep Green Forest
Club Club
7 Snapgoth
  • Deep Green Forest
  • Elmania Mountain Path
Herb Herb
8 Lizard Flower (Boss) Deep Green Forest Digestive Juice N/A
9 Poison Pancho
  • Elmania
  • Elmania Mountain Path
Antidote Poison
10 Mountain Cabat Elmania Mountain Path Antidote Antidote
11 Phantom Elmania Mountain Path Holy Water Holy Water
12 Manian Gango Elmania Herb Herb
13 Manian Goblin
  • Elmania
  • Hidden Village
Club Club
14 Saponin Water Temple GF/1F Herb Herb
15 Snow Pancho Water Temple GF/1F Freezing Silver Stone Freezing Silver Stone
16 Gelatin Water Temple GF/1F Blinding Liquid Blinding Liquid
17 Ice Phantom Water Temple GF/1F Holy Water Holy Water
18 Evil Sword (Boss) Water Temple 1F Carrot Quartz Fruit of Strength
19 Brown Cabat Hidden Village Antidote Poison
20 Kamur Band Hidden Village Kamur Sword Namakura
21 Rick (Boss) Hidden Village Hemp Outfit Hemp Cloak
# Name Location Drop Steal
22 Sea Star Ocean Quality Herb Quality Herb
23 Salt Ponyon Ocean Freezing Silver Stone Freezing Silver Stone
24 Grim Ocean Murakumo Voodoo Stone
25 Siren (Quest Boss) Ocean Mermaid's Tear Divine Nectar
26 Bandit Zingaya Kamur Sword Hemp Cloak
27 Sahara Gango Zingaya Feather Accessory Feather Accessory
28 Oak Zingaya Large Hatchet Large Hatchet
29 Neuro Cabat Natural Bastille Neurological Drug Nervous Poison
30 Paras Gango Natural Bastille Fang Accessory Fang Accessory
31 Guard Goblin Natural Bastille Guard Coin Guard Coin
32 Grim Reaper Natural Bastille Quality Holy Water Quality Holy Water
33 Hard Gelatin Natural Bastille Shield Shell Congealing Liquid
34 Dark Pancho Undersea Cave Holy Water Holy Water
35 Black Gelatin Undersea Cave Shield Shell Shield Shell
36 Dark Phantom Undersea Cave Quality Holy Water Quality Holy Water
37 Wild Gango Undersea Cave Fang Accessory Fire Beast Claws
38 Dark Hobbit Undersea Cave Bronze Stone Axe Bronze Stone Axe
39 Dragon Undersea Cave Raging Fire Armor Dragon's Scales
40 Sickle Weasel (Quest Boss) Undersea Cave  Wind Crest Angel's Shoes
41 Orion (Quest Boss) Undersea Cave  Tear of a Star Fang Crest
42 Marine (Quest Boss) Undersea Cave Wind Engulfing Stone Mermaid's Tear
# Name Location Drop Steal
43 Chimera Dodracka Magic Robe Quality Holy Water
44 Fire God
  • Dodracka
  • Sacred Grotto
Homura Power Coin
45 Roving Soul Dodracka All-purpose Cure All-purpose Cure
46 Gilles (Boss) Sacred Grotto Fountain of Life Ring Licentiate's Ring
47 Holy Pancho Sacred Grotto Sacred Protection Stone Sacred Protection Stone
48 Holy Gango Sacred Grotto Fang Accessory Phantom Beast's Fangs
49 Great Knight Sacred Grotto Rune Armor Namakura
50 Guardian (Boss) Sacred Grotto Fruit of Strength Iron Clogs
51 Cerberus
  • Iglu
  • Frozen Mountain Path
Frost Claws  Bronze Claws
52 Snow Trap
  • Iglu
  • Frozen Mountain Path
Supreme Herb Supreme Herb
53 White Spirit
  • Iglu
  • Frozen Mountain Path
Analeptic Drug Analeptic Drug
54 Thief Frozen Mountain Path Bandit Dagger Bandit Dagger
55 Snow Daddy Frozen Mountain Path Djinn's Bracelet Fang Crest
56 Glacial Giant (Boss) Frozen Mountain Path Frost Hammer Bronze Stone Shield
57 Twinkie Water Temple 2F/3F Freezing Silver Stone Bursting Stone
58 Mad Butler Water Temple 2F/3F Fist of Darkness Power Coin
59 Evil Eye Water Temple 2F/3F Wind Engulfing Stone Murakumo
60 Elegigant Water Temple 2F/3F Fruit of Vitality Bronze Stone Shield
61 Lunar (Boss) Water Temple 2F/3F Mermaid's Tear Water Mirror Earring
# Name Location Drop Steal
62 Unicorn Forest of Illusions Analeptic Drug Analeptic Drug
63 Big Foot Forest of Illusions Spiked Hammer Supreme Herb
64 Man Eater Forest of Illusions Finest Herb Finest Herb
65 Guardian Dragon of the Forest (Boss) Forest of Illusions Dragon Claws Holy Man's Ring
66 Sacred Guardian (Boss) Crystal World of Fura Rapier of the White Knight Gold Bracelet
67 Raven
  • Crystal World of Fura
  • Tower of Darkness
Raven Sword Power Coin
68 Gova Crystal World of Fura Pure White Talisman Kris
69 Death Phantom Tower of Darkness Voodoo Stone Voodoo Stone
70 Rich Tower of Darkness Divine Nectar Supreme Holy Water
71 Nightmare Tower of Darkness Black Mail Luke's Crest
72 Metal Fist
  • Tower of Darkness
  • Adventurer's Cave 1F-4F
Djinn's Bracelet Gold Bracelet
73 Golem Tower of Darkness Golem Suit Bronze Stone Shield
74 Dragon Lord Tower of Darkness Ancient Beast Claws Dragon's Scales
75 Thunder Sword Water Temple 4F-7F Necklace of Thunder Ring of Thunder
76 Lord Knight Water Temple 4F-7F Black Mail Bronze Stone Shield
77 Eve Water Temple 4F-7F Siren Mermaid's Tear
78 White Dragon Water Temple 4F-7F Divine Nectar Dragon's Scales
79 Guardian of the Temple (Boss) Water Temple 7F Eye of Ancient Dragon Dragon Hammer
# Name Location Drop Steal
80 Teppan Adventurer's Cave 1F-4F Fruit of Vitality Supreme Herb
81 Medusa Bat Adventurer's Cave 1F-4F All-purpose Cure All-purpose Cure
82 Mandragora Adventurer's Cave 1F-4F Supreme Herb Power Coin
83 Mythril Adventurer's Cave 1F-4F Damascus Congealing Liquid
84 Great Trial (Boss) Adventurer's Cave 4F Holger's Crest Finest Herb
85 Demon Sword Adventurer's Cave 5F-10F Raven Sword Black Darkness Stone
86 Dullahan Adventurer's Cave 5F-10F Fruit of Strength Gold Bracelet
87 Apocalypse Adventurer's Cave 5F-10F Stun Knuckle Iron Clogs
88 Hell Priest Adventurer's Cave 5F-10F Water Mirror Earring Supreme Holy Water
89 Alles Adventurer's Cave 5F-10F Golem Suit Bronze Stone Shield
90 Dragon Zombie Adventurer's Cave 5F-10F Divine Nectar Dragon's Scales
91 Shiropan Adventurer's Cave 10F Damascus Finest Holy Water