Reputation Events

Written by MSG Commander

This page may not be complete!

The events listed here are enough to get everyone's "bonus" scene, but there may be other events I've missed. If you know of any additional reputation events, please share them in the forum!

Story EventsSide Events

These are Reputation Events that take place over the course of the story. Sometimes, the party member mentioned will already be in your party automatically; other times you will have to add them to your party before going to that location.

These events are missable! If you don't have the right person in your party, you will not be able to get the reputation event.

Rodwaal (after the Path to Fura)

  • Talk to Stacia in her room in the castle. (Choose "Yes")
  • Take Will to the School of Sorcery in the northeast part of town.

Grotto of Magic Stones

  • Enter the Grotto with Will in your party.


  • Go the Church with Will in your party.

Rodwaal (after unlocking the Class change ability)

  • Talk to Stacia in the castle library.
  • Talk to Will in the soldier's room.

Elmania (after fixing the Treasure Sword)

  • Automatic event with Niecks.


  • Automatic event with Yuni. (Choose "Yes")


  • Automatic event with Niecks.
  • Make sure Stacia is in your party for an event she'll have later in the game.

Natural Bastille

  • Automatic event with Will

Zingaya (after the Natural Bastille)

  • Automatic event with Damia.
  • Talk to Yuni in Rick's house.


  • Put Stacia in your party, and choose "Yes."
  • Go back to Zingaya and talk to Damia to get her to join your party (and get an automatic event.)

The Undersea Cave

  • Put Damia in your party for an automatic event.

Dodracka (after the Sacred Grotto)

  • Talk to Pegoo to raise his reputation.
  • Automatic event with Damia after talking to the Elder.


  • Take Niecks to the research center. (Choose "No")
  • Take Niecks to the "guard room" on the west side of town.

Forest of Illusions

  • Put Pegoo in your party here for an otherwise missable event! To get this event, you MUST find the Witch's house, and speak to the Witch, BEFORE you fight the Ancient Stele in the Forest.

These events are more fluid. For the most part, you can do them any time up to the final Boss battle. (There is one event with Yuni that you must do a little bit sooner than that.)

Any Time Events

  • Take Stacia to the Frozen Mountain Path.
  • Take Stacia to the Forest of Illusions.
  • Take Yuni to the Path to Fura. (Choose "Yes")
  • Take Yuni to the Deep Green Forest.
  • Take Yuni to talk to the┬áReverend in Aristo any time after the Natural Bastille.
  • Have Yuni talk to Rick any time after you rescue Rodwaal, but before you go to the Crystal World.
  • Take Damia to the Hidden Village (in Elmania Mountain Path).
  • Take Pegoo to Aristo and talk to the Informer.
  • Take Pegoo to Zingaya.