Written by Old Chuck

# Name Effect Where to Obtain Cost
1 Fountain of Life Ring Restores HP every turn Iglu 4500
2 Fountain of Heart Ring Restores AP every turn Crystal World 13,500
3 Ring of Life Increases max HP by 30% Dodracka 2400
4 Necklace of Life Increases max HP by 50% Synthesizing Shop
5 Ring of Heart Increases max AP by 30% Dodracka 3300
6 Necklace of Heart Increases max AP by 50% Synthesizing Shop
7 Force Ring Increases max HP and AP by 50% Synthesizing Shop
8 Lord Ring Increases max HP and AP by 75% Synthesizing Shop
9 Demon’s Ring Doubles max HP, all attributes resistance- Synthesizing Shop
10 Licentiate’s Ring Cuts AP use to 75% Iglu 5000
11 Sage’s Ring Cuts AP consumption to 50% Synthesizing Shop
12 Fang Accessory ATK +10 Aristo, Sanga 150
13 Fang Crest ATK+50 Iglu 900
14 Seashell Accessory DEF +10 Aristo, Sanga
15 Seashell Crest DEF+50 Iglu 900
16 Feather Accessory AGI+10 Rodwaal 120
17 Feather Crest AGI+ Iglu 600
18 Wind Talisman Evasion+ Elmania, Zingaya 810
19 Wind Crest Evasion+ Synthesizing Shop
20 Earth Crest Earth attack+, Nullifies Anti-air attack Iglu 2400
21 Allen’s Talisman ATK+30/DEF+30 Treasure in Water Temple
22 Allen’s Crest ATK+80/DEF+60 Synthesizing Shop
23 Luke’s Talisman MAG+30 Elmania 240
24 Luke’s Crest MAG+100 Synthesizing Shop
# Name Effect Where to Obtain Cost
25 Kihel’s Talisman MDF+30 Elmania 240
26 Kihel’s Crest MDF+100 Synthesizing Shop
27 Liz’s Talisman MAG+50/MDF+50 Treasure in Forest of Illusions
28 Liz’s Crest MAG+120/MDF+120 Synthesizing Shop
29 Holger’s Crest Physical attack+ Treasure in Forest of Illusions
30 Holger’s Necklace Physical resistance+ Treasure in Tower of Darkness
31 Traveller’s Cloak DEF+5, Fire/Ice resistance+ Rodwaal, Elmania 270
32 Hemp Cloak DEF+15, Ice/Thunder resistance+ Zingaya 630
33 Iron Clogs DEF+35, Earth attack+, AGI-30 Steal from Guardian, Apocalypse
34 Angel’s Shoes Nullifies Earth, Anti-air+, Anti-air resistance- Dodracka 2340
35 Phantom Beast’s Fangs ATK+30, Holy attack+ Steal from Holy Gango
36 Mermaid’s Tear Ice resistance+, Ice attack+ Steal from Marine / Drop from Lunar
37 Dragon’s Scales ATK+15, Fire resistance+, Fire attack+ Steal from Dragon, Dragon Lord, Dragon Zombie
38 Water Mirror Earring Nullifies Sound attack, Sound attack+ Steal from Lunar / Drop from Hell Priest
39 Silver Bracelet DEF+12 Elmania, Sanga 450
40 Gold Bracelet DEF+25 Zingaya, Iglu 720
41 Djinn’s Bracelet ATK+40/AGI+20, Strike attack+ Drop from Snow Daddy, Metal Fist
42 Bronze Stone Shield DEF+80, AGI-30 Steal from Elegigant, Golem, Alles
43 Wind Engulfing Stone Nullifies Anti-air attacks Drop from Evil Eye
44 Scorching Red Talisman Fire attack+ Elmania 3000
45 Freezing Silver Talisman Ice attack+ Elmania 3000
46 Golden Light Talisman Thunder attack+ Elmania 3000
47 Talisman of Sacred Protection Holy attack+ Crystal World 3000
48 Talisman of Black Darkness Death attack+ Crystal World 3000
# Name Effect Where to Obtain Cost
49 Howling Sky Talisman Sound attack+ Iglu 3000
50 Pure White Talisman Fire/Ice/Thunder attack+ Synthesizing Shop
51 Ring of Red Heat Fire resistance+ Elmania 1500
52 Necklace of Red Heat Fire resistance+ Synthesizing Shop
53 Glacial Ring Ice resistance+ Elmania 1500
54 Glacial Necklace Ice resistance+ Synthesizing Shop
55 Ring of Thunder Thunder resistance+ Elmania 1500
56 Necklace of Thunder Thunder resistance+ Synthesizing Shop
57 Holy Man’s Ring Holy resistance+ Zingaya 1500
58 Holy Man’s Necklace Holy resistance+ Synthesizing Shop
59 Pluto’s Ring Death resistance+ Zingaya 1500
60 Pluto’s Necklace Death resistance+ Synthesizing Shop
61 Pure White Ring Fire/Ice/Thunder resistance+ Dodracka 5550
62 Pure White Necklace Fire/Ice/Thunder/ Holy/Death resistance+ Synthesizing Shop
63 Talisman of No Sickness Nullifies Poison Elmania 2400
64 Talisman of Ever Morning Nullifies Sleep Elmania 2400
65 Talisman of Denumbing Nullifies Paralysis Sanga 2400
66 Talisman of the Singing Heart Nullifies Silence Sanga 2400
67 Talisman of Fortitude Nullifies Terror Zingaya 1800
68 Talisman of Calm Nullifies Confusion Elmania, Zingaya 2400
69 Talisman of the Light of Dawn Nullifies Blindness Zingaya 1800
70 Pure White Amulet Nullifies most status effects Synthesizing Shop
71 Eye of Immortality Nullifies instant death Dodracka 3000
72 Eye of Goddess Nullifies all status effects Synthesizing Shop