Written by Old Grinder

# Name Effect Equip to Where to Obtain
1 Leather Armor DEF 12 HYND Starting Gear / Rodwaal
2 Protector DEF 20 HYND Rodwaal, Aristo
3 Chain Mail DEF 30 HYND Aristo, Elmania
4 Plate Mail DEF 44, AGI- HN Elmania, Sanga, Zingaya
5 Rune Armor DEF 82, MAG/MDF+ HYND Dodracka, Iglu
6 Raging Fire Armor DEF 63, Fire resistance+ HND Drop from Dragon
7 Freezing Snow Armor DEF 76, Ice resistance+ HND Treasure in Undersea Cave
8 Thunder Armor DEF 90, Thunder resistance+ HND Synthesizing Shop
9 Silver Mail DEF 100, Fire/Ice/Thunder resistance+ HN Iglu
10 Armor of the Great Gift DEF 130, Restores HP every turn HYND Synthesizing Shop
11 Mythril Mail DEF 158 HN Crystal World
12 Black Mail DEF 225, Death resistance+ HN Drop from Nightmare
13 Armor of Good Fortune DEF 235, Effect: ??? HND Treasure in Adventurer's Cave
14 Gold Mail DEF 275, Death resistance+, Nullifies instant death HN
15 Golem Suit DEF 410, Physical resistance+, AGI/Sound resistance- HN Drop from Golem, Alles
16 Study Suit DEF 10 HSWYND Starting Gear / Rodwaal
17 God's Servant Garment DEF 25, MDF +30 HSWYND Starting Gear / Aristo, Elmania
18 Protective Garment DEF 32 HSWYND Elmania, Sanga
19 Hemp Outfit DEF 55, Fire resistance+ HSWYND Zingaya, Dodracka
20 Demon Fur DEF 66, Ice resistance+, Fire resistance- HSWYND Synthesizing Shop
21 Lead Outfit DEF 75, Strike resistance+, AGI- HSWYND Synthesizing Shop
# Name Effect Equip to Where to Obtain
22 Red Vest DEF 88, Fire resistance+ HSWYND Iglu
23 Blue Vest DEF 88, Ice resistance+ HSWYND Iglu
24 Yellow Vest DEF 88, Thunder resistance+ HSWYND Iglu
25 Ninja Outfit DEF 100, Evasion/Strike resistance+ HSWYND Crystal World
26 Golden Thread Drape DEF 195, All attributes resistance+ HSWYND Treasure in Tower of Darkness
27 Light Robe DEF 8 SWY Rodwaal
28 Silk Robe DEF 23 SWY Aristo
29 Fur Robe DEF 32, Ice resistance+ SWY Aristo, Elmania
30 Licentiate's Robe DEF 28, MDF+ SWY Elmania
31 Sorcerer's Robe DEF 30, MAG+ SWY Elmania
32 Magic Robe DEF 73, MAG/MDF+ SWY Dodracka
33 Elven Robe AGI+, nullifies Earth, Anti-air resistance- SWY Synthesizing Shop
34 Protective Robe DEF 95, Fire/Ice/Thunder resistance+ SWY Iglu
35 Sage's Robe DEF 122, MAG/MDF+ SWY Crystal World
36 Lord's Robe DEF 210, Fire/Ice/Thunder/ Holy/Death resistance+ SWY Treasure in Adventurer's Cave
37 Party Dress DEF 6 SYD Treasure in Elmania
38 Leather Dress DEF 22 SYD Elmania
39 Blessed Dress DEF 55, Restores HP every turn SYD Treasure in Sacred Grotto
40 Dress of Good Fortune DEF 77, Effect: ??? SYD Treasure in Adventurer's Cave
41 Little Devil Dress DEF 92, Evasion+, Death attack+, Nullifies Confusion SYD
  • Steal from Rudee in Rodwaal /
  • Treasure in Adventurer's Cave
42 Dress of Silence DEF 101, Effect: Nullifies Sound attack SYD Iglu, Crystal World
43 Dress of the Goddess DEF 132, Restores HP every turn SYD Synthesizing Shop
44 Dragon Scales Dress DEF 280, Nullifes Fire, Slash resistance+ SYD Treasure in Adventurer's Cave