Location Walkthrough

Written by MSG Commander

About This Guide

This is a quick and dirty "do this in this location" walkthrough for Crystareino. I've tried my best not to give away any surprises, but instead have focused on helping you to find all of the treasures, complete all of the quests, and otherwise generally avoid getting stuck or lost.

There are some events in the game that depend on certain characters being in your party. They don't have any impact on your ability to finish the game, but if you do these events you get to see some cool "extras" after the end credits. Throughout the guide I will say things like "put Will in your party and go to ..." - I intentionally wrote it this way so that you won't miss the event, but also won't know (from me) what that event will reveal.

I have included some information on boss battles and character building that I found to be useful. There's also some information on side quests, and on "bonus" dungeons. (Dungeons or parts of dungeons that have no impact on your ability to finish the game, but that have some pretty awesome treasure, and provide a good challenge and hours of entertainment.) You can use this information, or not. My goal is to get you from "start" to Demon King (the final boss battle) without too much aggravation or confusion. So, here we go: