Aristo and Rodwaal pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander


Go to the church and talk to the Reverend. Will and the other soldiers will leave your party to report back to the King of Rodwaal, but Yuni will join you.

You can now change Classes for each of your dedicated party members; however, you can only do so by talking to the Reverend, in the church, in Aristo. Kind of a bummer, but that’s just how it is.

Anyway, while you’re here, talk to the children in the church to unlock Quest 10, and search the rooms in the church to find the book you need for Quest 05.

Now you want to go back to Elmania to get a boat, but first, it’s time to go back to Rodwaal to pick up Will and Stacia. But before that, you may want to know more about classes and skills.

Classes and Skills

There are a number of classes in the game, but many of them can only be unlocked by mastering one or more prerequisite classes. Each time you change classes, it changes the party member's stats. Also, as you progress through each class, you learn that class's skills.

Each class has its own skill set, as well as a "mastery" skill that is unique for each dedicated party member.

Note: You progress in classes by earning CP in battle. You can only earn CP from enemies that are weaker than you - so it it essential that you avoid grinding so much that you become more powerful than the enemies in your current location.

Aristo Quests



Go to the castle library and talk to Stacia twice, and she’ll join your party. Talk to the Handmaiden to complete Quest 05 and collect your 5 All-Purpose Cures.

Go to the soldier’s room and talk to Will twice, and he’ll join your party. Go to Will’s house, and talk to Will’s grandfather to unlock Quest 12. (If you already bought the Silk Robe in Aristo, you can give it to him now.) Your reward for this quest is 400G and a Talisman of the Light of Dawn.

Now, back to Aristo to change Classes and upgrade everyone else’s weapons and armor (if needed.) With Yuni, Stacia and Will in your party (and each one working on a new Class) it’s finally time to get the treasure in the Deep Green Forest and the Elmania Mountain Path.

Rodwaal Quests