Written by MSG Commander

GuideShop List

Travel north of Rodwaal and cross two bridges to the west, and you’ll come to Aristo. When you go to the church, the Reverend isn’t there. But, while you’re in the church, your reputation with Will will increase automatically.

The kids in the church tell you that the Informer (they call him “Wise Guy”) in the tavern knows where to find the Reverend, but won’t give you any information until you do something for him first.

Talk to the Informer (after talking to the kids in the church), stock up on items and check the weapon shop. Your next destination is the Deep Green Forest. If you picked up Quest 09 from the castle guard, you can kill 2 birds here with one stone.


  • 09: Defeat Demons in the Deep Green Forest - talk to the Guard on the right side of the entrance to the castle.


  • 330G - search the night stand in the west room of the church
  • Antidote - search the right-most pot inside the Tools Shop
  • Fruit of Technique - search the left-most pot inside the Tools Shop
  • Leather Dress - search the night stand in the home north of the Tools Shop
  • Heavy Knife - search the night stand two homes north of the Tools Shop
  • Quality Herb - search the middle pot next to the home two homes north of the Tools Shop

Shop list by Old Chuck

Tools Shop

Name Description Cost
Herb Restores 100 HP for one character. 10
Holy Water Restores 50 AP for one character. 80
Analeptic Drug Cures KO status for one character. 500
Antidote Cures Poison for one character. 15
Awakening Drug Cures Sleep for one character. 30
Neurological Drug Cures Paralysis for one character. 30
Scorching Red Stone Unleashes Fire magic upon a single enemy. 100
Freezing Silver Stone Unleashes Ice magic upon a single enemy.  100

Weapon Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Rapier A sword suited for thrusting attacks. ATK 22 Hero 120
Long Sword A sword with a long blade. ATK 28 Hero 300
Dagger A short sword that is easy to use. ATK 7 Hero 60
Pick A needle with a handle. ATK 10 Hero 72
Stomp Axe An axe that is swung to smash something. ATK 24 Hero 225
Killer Whip A deadly sharp whip. ATK 20 Stacia 130
Light Flail A weapon with a small iron ball attached by a chain. ATK 13 Will 160
Mace A weapon that is widely used by thaumaturgists. ATK 8 Will 65

Clothing Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Protector Protective gear made of layers of thick leather. DEF 20 Hero 90
Chain Mail Armor with robust steel wires woven into it. DEF 30 Hero 360
God's Servant Garment A piece of clothing worn by thaumaturgists. DEF 25, MDF+ Hero, Will 120
Silk Robe A robe woven from high quality silk. DEF 23 Will 90
Fur Robe DEF 32, Ice resistance+ Will 390
Fang Accessory ATK +10 All 150
Seashell Accessory DEF +10 All 105