Back to Fura the Lost Kingdom

Written by MSG Commander

Back in the real world. There’s a wandering merchant now in the castle. He sells all the weapons, armor and accessories that were available in the Crystal World.

Also, Matt is now outside the entrance to the castle (assuming you completed Quest 02 way back at the start of the game.)

Also, Rudee’s soul is still floating on the pavement…

Leave Fura and go to Aristo. Put a 4th member back in your party, and change classes if needed. Go to Iglu to see Moff. He’ll give you the flying ship, and tell you how to reach the Tower of Darkness.

Odds and Ends

You can go straight to the Tower of Darkness now, fight the Demon King and win the game, OR, you can do the Adventurer’s Cave, the Water Temple 4F-7F, and you can finish up the few remaining Quests and complete any of the random reputation events you haven’t done yet.

I have not attempted the Demon King without first completing the Adventurer’s Cave and the Water Temple, so I don’t know if you can beat him without doing this first. You probably can, but he’ll be a lot easier if you do all the other stuff first.

To find the Adventurer’s Cave, fly (or warp) to Dodracka, and fly to the island due west. There’s a small cave there nestled among the mountains.

Talk to the King’s Aide in Rodwaal to unlock Quest 32.

Go to the synthesizing shop (if you want to) and see what new weapons are available. (There are still some you won’t be able to synthesize until you’ve been to the Tower of Darkness. It may be worth getting the treasures in the Tower that you need to make ultimate weapons, and then going on to do the Adventurer’s Cave and the Water Temple.)