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Written by MSG Commander

Pretty much the moment you enter, you get your first Boss battle.

Boss Battle


Rudee's kind of tough, unless you have some good Holy skills. (She's very weak against Holy.)

After the battle with Rudee, there's another Boss battle.

Boss Battle


Rick can be nasty if you're not well-prepared. He's much tougher than Rudee, although physical "Throw" type skills seem to work well against him.

Watch out for Rick’s Black Sheep attack, as it has the potential to kill multiple characters at once. This is one battle where you want to keep everyone’s health high, even if it means using All-Cure every round.

After Rick and Damia leave, there’s an amusing bit of dialogue between Stacia and the King. (Choose "Yes" at the appropriate time to raise Stacia's reputation.)

During the dialogue you find out Dodracka was hit hard by the Demon King’s forces. This is where you’re going next, and it’s on the other side of the Undersea Cave.

Before you leave, talk to the King’s Aide to unlock Quest 23.

Go to Stacia’s room and search her dresser for Queen’s Whip. (That’s what it’s called when you find it, but when you check your inventory it shows up as Princess’ Whip. Go ahead and equip it, but start working on collecting the other items you need for the ultimate whip in the Synthesizing Shop.)

Talk to the Commander in Chief in the soldier’s room to unlock Quest 24. Chances are you’ve already got the Quality Herbs he’s looking for, and the reward for this quest is a Rune Sword, which will now let you synthesize a Flamberge!

(Not only is this an awesome weapon to have at this point, it’s also a key ingredient in the ultimate weapon for the Hero: the Dragon God’s Sword.)

Time to Synthesize

To make the Flamberge, you need 3 Scorching Red Stones (which you can buy in Rodwaal); 2 Scorching Red Talisman (available in Elmania); and 1 Ring of Red Heat (also in Elmania.)

Go to the Synthesizing Shop, and use the Ring of Red Heat, 1 Scorching Red Talisman, and 3 Scorching Red Stone to synthesize a Necklace of Red Heat.

Now, use the 1 Rune Sword, 1 Scorching Red Talisman, and the 1 Necklace of Red Heat that you just made, and synthesize yourself an awesome new Flamberge!

Now you have a shiny new sword that, for a good while now, will be massively OP.

Note: You should also make as many Demon Fur as you possibly can, and anything else you might be able to synthesize at this point.

Now go back to Zingaya and talk to Damia to get her back in your party. (You want her, Stacia, and Niecks for the next section.) Also, talk to Rick in his home to unlock Quest 21.

Now go south of Zingaya to reach the Undersea Cave.



Queen's Whip (aka Princess' Whip) - search the night stand in Stacia's room