Back to the Frozen Mountain Path

Written by MSG Commander

* (Note: this reputation event is actually one that you can do any time, but it's just as easy to include Stacia in your party here, anyway.)

Remember the path that was blocked by tornadoes? It’s open now, and it leads to the mountain summit, and a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Glacial Giant

Glacial Giant is weak against both Fire and Earth, and you can also do a lot of damage with a good Smash-type skill (like Devil Repulsion Palm, for example).

He has some nasty Ice attacks that either do a ton of damage to one party member, or a bit of damage to all party members - either way, Ice armor is definitely recommended for this battle.

After this battle, you get the Flying Stone, which you now must take to Moff in Iglu.

Also, after the battle there's one new treasure here: a Protective Robe.