Dodracka pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

Talk to the Elder. Afterwards, talk to Pegoo to increase your reputation.

Talk to the Sorcerer to unlock Quest 26; the Young Woman to unlock Quest 27; and the Young Man to unlock Quest 28. Leave the Elder’s room, and Damia will speak, and increase her reputation.

You now have two options: you can go north, to the Forest of Illusions, or you can go to the Water Temple. I don’t know that it matters which one you do first, but I chose to save the Water Temple for last.

The Forest of Illusions is on the northern continent, and you need your own boat to get there. Teleport to Zingaya and talk to the Boatman and he’ll give you a boat.

Tip: While you’re here, take Pegoo to Zingaya for a reputation event. Also in Zingaya, buy enough Katanas to have 5 in your inventory (you’ll need them for an upcoming Quest.)

Sail north to the eastern edge of the snow-covered continent to find Iglu.