Elmania Mountain Path treasure

Written by MSG Commander

There are 5 treasures here, but there's a lot of ground to cover to find them all, so let's get started.

From the east entrance, go west, north across the bridge, and west to the second screen. Now go north across the first bridge, then west to your first treasure: a Silver Bracelet.

Now go back to the start of screen two, and go west to the second bridge. Go south across that bridge and west to screen three. Now go south across the bridge, and go southeast to screen one, to a Fruit of Vitality.

Go back to screen three, and go west until you see two bridges. Take the bridge to the north and go to the fourth screen, and follow the path around to a Battle Pick.

Now go back to the second screen, go north across the bridge, and go west to the fourth screen. Go west until you see a bridge, then follow that bridge to 770G.

Now go west to the fifth screen, go across the bridge, then go east to a Quality Herb. You have now collected all the treasure in the mountain path.