Elmania Mountain Path

Written by MSG Commander

You’ve killed the Lizard Flower, gone back to Aristo, and the Informer has told you where the Reverend is, right? Okay. Elmania Mountain Path can be kind of hard to find, because it’s just this tiny little trail at the foot of one of the mountains, and if you’re not looking for it, it’s easy to miss.

Search the mountains north of the Deep Green Forest to find the entrance.

* There’s treasure here, but like the Deep Green Forest, it can wait for later. Right now you just want to find the Reverend.

Follow the red path to get through to Elmania.

On the first screen, cross the bridge and go west. Talk to the Injured Man on the second screen for Quest 07. Talk to him again to give him the Herb (assuming you have one) and complete the quest. (And collect the 500G, and Fruit of Sorcery.)

From here, go straight west to the third screen (do not cross any bridges on screen two.) On screen three, you’ll find the Reverend, and fight two members of the Kamur Band.

Boss Battle

Kamur Band x2

If you’ve done all the side quests you can up to this point, and equipped your Hero and Will with the best skills and equipment available, this fight should be pretty easy. Just keep attacking with skills and watch everyone’s health.

After the battle, the Reverend goes back to Aristo with Norman and Crouto, while Will and the Hero go to Elmania to finish the Reverend’s errand. Keep going west and you’ll run into Kamur Band members running in the opposite direction. Cross the bridge and go west, and you’re out of the Elmania Mountain Path.